Fashion designer Natasha Lalwani launches her latest collection

A collection suitable for the current Mumbai weather

When designer Natasha Lalwani launched her latest collection, she had but one thing in mind – the fierce young woman. The collection reflects the enigma of a woman who knows what she wants, the boldness of a woman who doesn’t let the mannerisms of society affect her and the panache of one willing to experiment with her looks.

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A perfect fit to your October wardrobe, the ensembles feature Shimmer nets, crushed georgettes and brocades in abstract designs and drapes. The collection is a bold answer to questions revolving around ‘Can I wear this?’ In many ways, it looks to break stereotypes around Indian wear. If you thought that traditional Indian wear was boring, wait till you see someone walk past in a pastel, translucent bold cut. Apart from just innovating with colors, the designer has also added personality to her designs, bringing in layers to make the look even more versatile. The fabrics used are light in weight and very breathable, thus making it a suitable to wear it in the Mumbai weather.

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