Trendy Men’s Shirts 2017

Men’s fashion shirts are the basic things that must be in every man’s arsenal. Whether formal or information, shirts make a definitive style statement for men. Fashion designers always stand for this trend as they find it classic, elegant and a lot masculine.

In the past few years, designers have tried to bring variations to the design of shirts in terms of collar, cuffs and texture. The trend moved from baggy shirts to the one that shows shapes and silhouettes.As the trend keeps repeating itself, looser and less restrictive wear replacing the skin hugging outfits can also make a statement in near future. It has started to become evident too.

Nowadays, replacing the traditional formal shirts are wide collar and Cuban collarshirts. They are the biggest fashion picks for the time. However, wearers must be careful while choosing what they wear depending on their personality and body type .

Spread Collar or Wide Collar

Spread shirt collars have adorned many necks till date. If worn by the perfect man, this collar displays his face perfectly. When worn with a larger necktie knot looks extremely stylish. Generally, a man who picks a spread collar shouldunderstandhis body and style.

Spread collar is a classic choice like the pocket square.If a man wants to flaunt a dress shirt with spread collar, but he needs to understand that it may reflect an image of an overly man if he has a round face.On the other hand, a thin-faced man looks handsome wearing a well-proportioned spread collar. Medium spread collar also looks great.

Trendy Cuban Collar

The style is also making a huge comeback. Pointed, two-tiered collar mostly comes with short sleeves and you can have flattering ways to wear this. You can choose printed, floral patterns in poplin cotton to enjoy the comfort with style.

Choices are many for shirts, both formal and casual. However, their selection should be made with utmost care. Coupled with the right trousers, shoes and accessories, shirts make an impeccable style statement.

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