4 Most Common Type Of Orthopaedic Surgeries

Orthopaedic surgery involves operation related to muscles and skeletons of the body. It involves the repairing, replacement and medications or intake has to do with conditions that involve the muscles and skeletons in the human body. Orthopaedic surgeons may use nonsurgical approaches to solving orthopaedic problems as well. The progressive development in medical world has lead scientists and surgeons to innovate new operational tools. Visit surgivisor.com to get a list of best hospitals in Delhi and India and get a complete consultation for your medical check up. Every surgeon will see a variety of different patient cases that require different treatments, but there is few common type of orthopaedic surgeries and they are:

Total Joint Replacement

Patients who experience severe arthritis and undergo intolerable pain opt for total joint replacement. They also experience increased range of motion and thus this type of surgery is the most sorted solution for the doctors. In this operation, surgeon(s) assess damaged parts of the joint, which can lie within many joints in the body. They used to replace it with metal and plastic surfaces to function normally as before. The prosthetic parts are to be placed at the diseases or the right position to restore knee movement and normal mobility.

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Total Shoulder Replacement

We use our shoulder so many times and at the half of the time, we hardly realise the fact. Over the age, as other joints, these joints also get worn and tore and get very painful over the time. But the pain can be very easily overcome with a total shoulder replacement. The operation helps you at the greater extent to recover yourself because many patients felt better after the surgery and with every passing period they experience the better mobility of the shoulders. In this procedure, the damaged parts of the bone and cartilage are replaced with a metal or plastic implant. These prosthetic parts help to improve the range of motion at the shoulder joint.

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Spine Surgery

Spine problem is a really problematic one because we can’t sit, stand or do nitty gritty works as our spine interferes in every kind of movement. This can be the major one if not opted for the best hospitals for surgery. The increasing back pain and ultimately suffering your daily chores are the reasons to get urgent seeking of help. Spine surgery enables you to experience less pain, increased activity, better physical fitness and increased productivity. The most common type of back surgery is the Spinal Fusion. In spinal surgery, the surgeon joins spinal bones, called vertebrae, together. This eventually restricts motion between the bones of the spine and limits the stretching of the nerves.

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ACL Reconstruction

Anterior Cruciate Ligament or ACL is the major ligament of the knee which is responsible for major movements. Orthopaedic surgeons reconstruct this ligament when it ruptures and wears out. The wearing can happen if the patient belongs to a sports culture or while doing any activity which has twisted the knee in the wrong way. During this surgery, the surgeon removes the torn ligament, using the patient’s own tissue or the tissue of an organ donor to make a new ACL.

ACL Reconstruction

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