Fabrics That Are the Perfect Blend Of Style & Comfort

Keeping with the latest fashion and experimenting with your looks not just keeps you in sync with the current trends but also instils confidence & augments your style statement significantly. Be it men fashion or women fashion, there is no dearth of fashion fabrics that will effortlessly uplift your fashion quotient and keep you comfortable throughout.

cottonsuitCotton- A natural fibre, cotton is best known for its softness, durability and skin friendliness. It is made from the fibres of the seed pod of the cotton plant, Gossypium. It makes up a great choice for relaxed and casual clothing types such as pajamas, t-shirts, undergarments and so much more. The top characteristic features of this fabric include dry-cleanable, good strength, retains dyes well, and washes well and good absorbency. There are so many different types of cotton fabrics such as corduroy, fleece, denim, voile, pinstripe, ottoman chintz, chino, batiste, basket weave and others. Shop for cotton dress material online and get a gorgeous salwar suit stitched in latest cuts & design that will flatter your figure effortlessly.

Silk- Silk fabric is made from the cocoon of silkworms. One of the strongest natural fabrics, silk is considered to be the most luxurious fabric because of its softness, lustre, beauty and comfort. Owing to its brilliant variety of designs and excellent weaving quality, Indian silk is world famous. The exquisite texture and luxurious looks make silk an expensive clothing option. Flaunt your ethnic side with a great silk saree or create a unique style statement with silk shirts or go for pleated silk skirt to make a classy statement.

Chiffon- Chiffon fabric is made from nylon, silk, cotton, polyester and rayon. It is a lightweight, see-through and soft fabric widely used for bridal gowns, evening dresses, sarees and other types of dresses. Silk chiffon is immensely popular among women for its slight sheen effect. Adorn a sumptuous evening gown to make a bold style statement or go for a chiffon cocktail dress that lends you the classiest look ever. It is flowy and drapes amazingly well giving a look to envy for. dress material

Georgette-This fabric has a slightly grainy texture and is woven of highly twisted yarns. It is a sheer lightweight fabric that is generally made up of silk or polyester. It is a soft fabric and a preferred fabric choice for dresses that have a flowing look & feel. It can be dyed in a plethora of colors and you will come across a wide gamut of prints and patterns in georgette-made dresses. The beauty and versatility of georgette sarees is truly unbeatable. A great georgette outfit can be a stunning statement outfit for any occasion.

Khadi- The Indian fabric, Khadi is hand-woven and hand-spun cloth. It is majorly crafted out of silk, cotton or wool fabrics. The best thing about Khadi is it keeps you warm in winters and cool in summers. It acquires color easily and blends smoothly with other fabrics as well. In Khadi, you will now find different color shades apart from the conventional almond hue. Once considered as the fabric for the politicians, writers, philosophers, khadi is now a preferred apparel for fashion conscious men and women. Jazz up your style statement by opting for a khadi silk saree with Zari embroidery or try out those Khadi suits for an elegant & simple look.

silkdressmaterialChanderi Cotton- Go for Chanderi fabric for its sheer texture and fine luxurious feel. Made from the finely picked cotton, this lightweight fabric features a shimmering texture that exudes class and culture. Women fashion is incomplete without a great Chanderi cotton salwar kameez, a party wear saree, a heavily embellished lehenga or other ethnic style. Pick a gorgeous Chanderi cotton outfit for your ethnic day celebrations at your office or turn heads around with your classiness and rich looks at a traditional family function with Chanderi cotton Kurti with intricate patterns & motifs decked on it and grab all the attention!

Nylon- It is entirely a synthetic fabric with excellent flexibility and awesome resilience features. This fibre material is idyllic for sports apparel owing to its wind & water resistant features and high stretchability capabilities. Nylon fabric clothes are long lasting and wear & tear resistant.

When it comes to shopping for dress material, you can explore your local market or browse through various online shopping websites. Women dress materials online are available at amazing discounts and Cashback offers. Fabrics for dresses online can be bought at budget-friendly prices and the best part is you can get it delivered right at your doorstep.


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