Some Tips Before Buying Bunk Bed for Your Child

In order to add life to a kid’s room, we make them colourful. Having a dull and shaggy colour for the room also has a negative impact on the mental growth and development of the child. The room must be spacious for the child to play and enjoy. One such thing adding to their comfort are junk beds. Not only it adds space but it also helps in creating a lively and healthy atmosphere.

Some tips before buying bunk bed for your child

Before planning for a junk bed some things need to be kept in mind:

  1. The space of the room: Whether it is sufficient in all dimensions to hold the bed. at least a space of 2 feet at the top is needed to avoid any kind of bumps on the head
  2. Features needed along with the bed: There are many associated features with the bed such as study tables and playing stuff from which one can select the appropriate one.
  3. Safety measures: The safety of the beds are needed as the beds are high in nature. Safety features include headboard, guardrails, and footboards. Kid’s bunk bed with trundle is perfect for the easily moving purpose.

There are various types of bunk beds namely:

  1. Trio Bunk Bed consists of three beds which can be either one above the other with stair or ladder connected to it or two beds one above another and a third bed from the side of the bottom-most bed in the sideward direction forming an L shape.
  2. Double Bunk bed consisting of two beds one above the other
  3. Study Bunk bed the bottom of which comes with a fit in study bunk at the bottom
  4. Family Bunked is similar to Futon beds apart from the fact that they can be used in a double or triple bed combo
  5. L Shaped bunk beds
  6. Loft Beds. It is a bed and not exactly a bunk with its legs lifted a higher than usual so that one can fit something at the bottom providing some extra space to do so
  7. Futon beds. It has an option of being used directly as a bed or folded to form a sofa which can be used according to the convenience.
  8. Bunk beds with ladder and bunk beds with stairs.

So, various quality metal bunk bed with trundle are available in the market. Choose the best one for your child as per your need.

Conclusion: Bunk beds can be made of either timber or wood. Timber is more durable and can be used over a long period of time. Also, it provides a sense of warmth which adds to it. It also comes in various styles, textures, and design. However, beds made from timber are a bit heavier which one of the disadvantages to it is. Metal Bunk beds, on the other hand, are lightweight and are also a less expensive than timber beds. However, they get rusted and shows sign of ageing as the time progresses.


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