Flower delivery: Perfect flower for any occasion

Not all flowers are created equal. Flowers have different histories and symbols throughout history. Giving a flower to someone is a very important moment which means you better know which bud to pick when you’re about to send a beloved a good bouquet. Giving the wrong flower can be disastrous and can cause life altering situations (i.e. breakup, etc.) To help you get started with your flower journey, below are some tips on which are the best Flower Delivery for every occasion. You are welcome.


Flowers are the best way to lighten up your date’s eyes. Get your partner’s love and affection by giving them a bouquet of flowers. The best flowers for dates are tulips and dandelions since they are not intimidating. If you want to show a bit of spark, give your partner a bouquet of roses.

Valentine’s Day

Of course, roses can never go wrong on Valentine’s Day. It shows passion and love and your partner will simply can’t get enough of it. If you want to go non-traditional try a combination pink roses and white for classiness and elegance. Avoid yellow roses since this flower represents friendship and you wouldn’t want your lover to get the wrong message. Meanwhile, if roses are a bit too overrated for you, opt for a bouquet of nice tulips.



If you are a bit out of idea on what you should give to a friend for his or her birthday then flowers are the way to go. You can use the month when the person was born as a base to what type of flower you should give. January is all about carnation while February’s main flower are primroses. Daffodils are for March, sweet peas for April, while May is for lilies.

Give June babies a bouquet of roses while give those who are born in July some water lilies. For those who are born in August and September, try giving them poppies and morning glories respectively. Marigold is perfect for those who are born in October while chrysanthemum and peony for November; and holly and narcissus for December.

Mother’s Day

Give love to the most important woman in your life by giving her a bouquet of carnation. Yellow tulips and lilies represent joy and affection so try giving those too. Don’t be afraid to go all out on this since Mother’s Day is an occasion that one should never scrooge into.


Etiquettes for funerals can be tricky. If you are attending one, make sure to bring yellow daylilies since they represent the soul leaving the body. Meanwhile, Blue, white, and green flowers symbolize peace and calmness. In Japan, chrysanthemums represent calm and comfort to those who are grieving.


An exciting yet also tricky occasion is an anniversary. Anniversaries represent different meanings and of course this means that they will need different types of flowers. You can choose flowers based on the season when the anniversary is held. For spring anniversaries, try giving peonies and cherry blossoms since these are fragile yet glowing. For summer, try sunflowers and roses. Meanwhile, winter requires darker and sexier shades so go for lilies. This is also perfect for autumn.

You can also choose based on the number of the anniversary: daisies for five years, daffodils for 10, roses for 15, and asters for 20. But the best way to get the sweet smile of your partner is to give what your partner wants. So if he or she wants or favors a certain flower more than others then definitely get those for him or her.


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