Top 4 Most Loved Bollywood Sarees In 60’s

The time of legendary Madhubala, Rekha, Meenakumari was when Bollywood has seen the most vigorous fashion evolution. It was named as 60’s retros but not only the songs of SD Burman but the fashion inspiration of Bollywood muses had also been the headlines of the news. Be it Polka Dot Sarees or puffed blouse sarees, each one of them has their beauty so elegantly draped by the actresses that even in present dates, we tend to fall in love with them.

Today, we are going to talk about the most loved Bollywood style sarees in 60’s. The year of 60 had seen the transition time of fashion and this was the time when new styles were embraced by the heroines. Maybe at that time, one couldn’t have found designer sarees online, but this was the time from where you can take the inspirations.

Check out the complete list of sarees that actresses love to adorn by their beauty and sense of fashion. Scroll for more…

Mermaid Style Saree

How can we forget the beautiful and doll-like face of Mumtaz? And if you know the work of the actresses, you must have known her most discussed mermaid style saree. The saree was layered in several layers to get that mermaid adhere. With intricate patchwork border design, it was one of the meticulous works by the designers.

Polka Dot Saree

Do you have a keen liking towards polka dot saree? Do have one because the beauty queens have adored them too.

Be it, Sharmila Tagore or Dimple Kapadia, every actress has adorned this design on sarees as well as dresses. Well, haven’t you seen ‘Bobby’?

Puffed & Frilled Blouse Sarees

Check out designer sarees online and you will find out puffed and frilled blouse sarees. Get prolific designs and styles with this kind of sarees. These blouses were predominantly adorned in West Bengal women with tent sarees.

Floral Love Sarees

Floral is the love of present day and retro time as well. Available designer sarees online in floral prints, these 6-yard beauties are everything that can transform the look of any woman.

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