5 Best Fabrics In Ethnic Kurtas For Men To Choose From

Like women, men are also choosy about the fabric of apparel they wear because comfort is the most important factor. Men’s kurtas can be worn over pyjamas, jeans, dhoti pants, and even trousers. So, they are a favourite among them. With a variety of styles and designs available in men’s kurtas, this is the most popular ethnic wear for men.

When it comes to fabrics, the Indian weather permits the use of different fabrics in the apparels with the varying seasons. Men’s kurtas also come in a wide range of fabrics. While shopping for men’s kurtas online, one must be careful about the expensive fabrics and take proper caution before purchasing.

Here are 5 best fabrics for men’s kurtas which are a must-have in your wardrobe:

Cotton: From all the fabrics, this is the most comfortable and the most popular one. It is light, cool, and breathable. It is perfect for the summers and favourable for other seasons too. Cotton can be blended with other fabrics to make hybrids, which are comfortable to wear too.

Linen: This is one more fabric that men love, especially in kurtas. They can be worn in any weather and they are last longer in nature. They give a casual yet stylish look and come in a variety of textures. They are easy to wash and dry as well.

Silk: Silk is an expensive and luxurious fabric and mostly used for special occasions. Nowadays, artificial silk and other blended silk fabrics are also available. You must keep one classy silk kurta for important occasions and festivals. You need to maintain these with care.

Georgette: Pure georgette is woven from silk, whereas artificial georgette is a blend of nylon and polyester. This is also a free-flowing fabric and gives a gorgeous look. With a crepe-like texture and good strength, georgette kurtas are mostly worn on special occasions like weddings etc. because they generally come with heavy embroideries.

Chiffon: This can be made from silk, cotton, nylon, rayon or polyester. People prefer it due to the shine and shimmer of the fabric. They are also meant for special occasions and for a more formal look. However, it is the least popular among men when it comes to kurtas.

Many portals have a good collection of men’s ethnic wear online, especially men’s kurtas. But, as mentioned above, if you are looking for an expensive fabric or a designer one, it is better to visit the shop.

Considering comfort and designs, these are some of the best fabrics for men’s kurtas, which you can wear at suitable occasions at suitable times.