4 Things to Avoid With Makeup for Healthy Skin!

4 Things to Avoid With Makeup for Healthy Skin!

If you love to buy makeup and love to create new looks for yourself, then you are a bonafide makeup enthusiast!

You have a good collection of makeup products and watch loads of videos on YouTube to update yourself on the new makeup trends. But do you know that it is as important to remove makeup as it is to apply it perfectly?

Keeping the makeup on your skin at all times may cause skin problems. In this scenario, it is crucial to know how to take off your makeup thoroughly.

Makeup artist - Bhaavya Kapur

Here are 4 things you should avoid with makeup to maintain healthy skin:

1. No makeup while sleeping:

When you are sleeping, your skin secretes a lot of oil. Your skin is getting renewed overnight at a fast pace. If you let makeup on at night, then imagine how much the rejuvenation of your skin is adversely affected.

Makeup products contain chemicals and different kinds of oils that are a bed of bacteria. If this gets mixed with dead skin and natural skin oil then don’t be surprised if you get pimples overnight.

#The best makeup artist in town will always suggest that you remove makeup thoroughly before going to sleep.

2. No makeup while cleaning:

If you are cleaning your house, then the dust around your home will fall on your face. If you have a layer of makeup on then the dust will block the pores on your face.

This will result in acne. Avoid mingling makeup with dust to prevent this problem.

3. No makeup while exercising:

If you exercise in some form or the other, then you are sure to perspire a lot. If you have makeup on at the same time then it will get runny when you sweat.

#The best makeup artist in town will tell you that a combination of makeup and sweat together can prove to be quite a nightmare for your skin health.

Your skin gets soft while exercising and makeup can get stuck in your facial pores. This can trigger a breakout of acne quite easily.

It is best to keep your skin safe from this potential threat.

4. No makeup while traveling:

If you are traveling by air, avoid having makeup on flights. This is especially relevant if you have a long flight.

You will fall asleep during the flight and makeup will block your facial pores at a fast pace. In flights, the moisture gets low and your skin tends to get dry very fast.

To prevent this from happening, keep drinking lots of water and hydrating drinks during the flight. This will keep your skin well hydrated. Having makeup on your skin will further make your skin dry. So avoid it during long flights.

You may put the hydration sheet mask on your face to keep your skin well hydrated. If you have makeup on your face, then the hydration sheet mask is of no use. Unisex Salon

Keep these conditions in mind and keep your skin healthy and radiant by taking good care of it!


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