5 Proven Ways How Teachers Demonstrate Leadership in School

5 Proven Ways How Teachers Demonstrate Leadership in School

Teacher leaders assume various roles to support school and for the success of student. They build the entire capacity of school to improve. Teachers are unequivocally the leaders of school. Irrespective of the level of course or subject, teachers are those who provide direction, guidance instructions and motivation to the students. Effective leadership in classroom depends on healthy and productive interpersonal relation between students and teacher.

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Teachers are the role models. They are the one who manage everything in the school. The reason behind the success of student and school is teachers. They hold the institutional memory and develop school culture. There is consensus that the current education system is not appropriate preparing youngsters for the future. So, for the solution, following are proven ways to establish leadership in school.

1. Communication is the key to success:

Communication is the initial step in cooperating with other. For the control and management of the school, teachers should have great command on communication. Through communication, teachers can handle the situation and know how to solve the conflicts. Teachers can communicate with parents about students and their progress. Through strong communication skills, teachers can convey the rules and message to the students. It avoids misunderstanding and control setting.

2. Ownership of learning space:

For teachers, it is important to own the responsibilities and goals. Abiding by the school’s rule and regulation can make a school successful. The ownership of school is most important aspect of developing a rapport with students. A good relation with students can make the school environment good. It also motivate the learning environment.

3. Promote Positivity:

For the demonstration of leadership in school, teachers should create a positive and productive learning environment. Instead of teaching rules verbally to the students, teachers should practice the rules with the students. Listening feedback and complains and giving the response positively also control several conflicts of the school. Moreover, for betterment in leadership, they need to develop relation with parents.

4. Consistency is important:

School needs a trustworthy, reliable and teachers who are consistent in their work. The management of school get effective, if the teacher is not serious in profession. Absence of teacher is one of the major reasons which gives negative influence to students and school.

5. Model ideal behavior:

As mentioned above, teachers are the role model for the students. So, usage of polite language, following the rules, and promoting good manners can indirectly teaches students. Teachers make habit of demonstrating behavior you want to see in your school. Students trust their teachers, so teachers should know how to behave in school.


Each and every person in the school represents the school reputation. The teachers are the one to whom everyone follow or learn from. Teachers should be well-educated and well-mannered. They build and maintain trust which is best for student’s productive learning and school success.


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