Look No Less Than a Mughal Princess With Long Anarkali Suits

Look No Less Than a Mughal Princess With Long Anarkali Suits

Look No Less Than a Mughal Princess With Long Anarkali Suits

Markets and shopping portals are abuzz with the hottest trends of the year and among them anarkali suits have secured a prominent position. It is an epitome of Indian grace and beauty. More and more women are opting to buy long anarkali suits instead of sarees because anarkalis endows a person with ample style and grace without any inconvenience. You do not have to sweat it out trying to get the pleats and drape of a saree done in the perfect way. Just slip into a flowing anarkali suit and bring in the regal attitude instantly. In the age of instant coffee and instant messaging you need instant grace and that is bestowed perfectly with exquisite and long anarkali suits.

Going by market trends and statistics it has been seen that women nowadays mostly buy anarkali suits online which has swelled up its sales to a remarkable percentage. It has also given a tough competition to the haute couture of the West. Women are being hugely wooed by the flamboyance and striking beauty of anarkali suits and thus shifting towards Indian fashion for grand events and affairs.

It can also be said that the Anarkali suits have the alluring charm of the Western gowns that have layers of cloth flared up till the ankles. Anarkalis are an ethnic version of a similar kind, especially the new floor-length anarkalis. They are huge, pleated in a voluminous flare which imparts the instant feminine charm and a touch of royal attitude. Transform yourself to a Mughal princess with these mesmerizing anarkali suits. For a change you can drape the dupatta in the Mughal style to bring in the royal aura if the occasion is grand enough.

Check out these tempting designs to help you buy designer long anarkali dress.

designer long anarkali dress

Red and black is a fabulous color combination. This red and black georgette anarkali is queen-like in all aspects. The color is classy, the embellishments are ornate and the overall charm is too captivating to miss out. The black body is marvelously contrasted with the red sleeves and golden embroidery. The wide red and gold border work further enhances the style and makes this one apt for grand festivities and occasions.

anarkali suit

Black has a classy feel; green has youthfulness and blue stands for calmness and serenity. This flattering combination makes this salwar suit a fascinating creation. The wide round neck is lined exquisite golden zari embroidery to secure the attention of the onlooker. The half and half pattern where the sleeves and the upper portion is heavily embroidered in black and gold while the portion from the waist till the hemline stands out is a soothing shade of plain blue, adds a unique charm to this anarkali suit. Team it up with such heavy earrings and you are dressed to kill for the day.

anarkali suits online

Festivals and traditional ceremonies do not always mean you have to be clad in red. Though red is considered auspicious in our culture, gold too signifies auspiciousness and prosperity. Even yellow has a very positive significance and stands for the coming of spring. This cream anarkali suit with dashes of bright yellow is a smart choice for festive occasions without making things go extravagant. The cream shade looks gracious and dignified while the red and gold embroidery over the yellow border adds the right amount of exuberance. Conquer with your simplest best with this gracious anarkali suit.


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