5 Signs that Tells Your Car Engine Needs Replacement

5 Signs that Tells Your Car Engine Needs Replacement

The engine is considered as the heart of a vehicle, and it gives your car the power that it needs to work properly. If the engine is damaged due to any reason, it will affect the overall performance of your car. You can save your precious time and money by speedily recognizing problems with the engine before it becomes more harmful for the vehicle.

The Cars and other vehicles are designed to last for thousands of miles, but without proper maintenance and from time to time occasional repair it can be damaged. There are 5 common signs telling you that you are in need of best car engine replacement.

Check Engine Lights

Your car’s way of alerting you about problems detects is dashboard warning lights via its On-Board-Diagnostics (OBD) system.If you recognize that your check Engine Light (CEL) turns on, you should not ignore it, as ignoring can cause more damage to the engine.

Some reasons for a check engine light appearing are:

The Oxygen Sensor needs to be replaced.

The Mass-Airflow Sensor needs to be replaced.

The catalytic converter might be damaged and needs to be replaced.

The spark plugs might be damaged or worn.

Your car is making weird noises

A weird noise coming from the bonnet is a sign that the engine is dying. This noise could be a result of damage to your engines mechanical parts like pistons, bearings or other parts. If you hear these kinds of weird noises, you should take your car to a mechanic soon to prevent more damage. Other weird noises you must check out include popping, spitting etc.

Smoke coming out from your Exhaust.

There are some reasons why your exhaust produces smoke. The color of smoke can give you an idea about what is the problem.

If the smoke is black, it means your engine has incomplete combustion and it results in burning too much fuel. The reason behind this could be:

Fuel injectors might be damaged

Sensors are malfunctioning

Airfilter could be damaged

Any mechanical damaged in the engine

Grey Smoke can because of different reasons, making it difficult to recognize. Few reasons are:

Stuck PVC valve

Problem with transmission fluid.

Excessiveness of oil consumption.

Dark blue smoke can be a reason that your engine is burning oil. This happens because of oil leaking into your engine’s combustion chamber. The reason behind this could be:

Piston rings might be worn out.

Damage of valve seals.

Car is producing oil patches

If you recognize puddles of oil under your vehicle, this might be the result of a leak in your engine. As the oil reduces, more friction will happen in your engine, producing surplus heat. Oil leaks are from engine oil seals, sump plug and sump plug washer. This can become a reason to damage components of the engine over time.

Increase Fuel Consumption

Increased fuel consumption could be due to a fault in the way your engine processes fuel. If it is paired with a visible check engine light and other issues related to the engine the problem can be more serious. If you diagnosed that your car is using more fuel, take it to a professional mechanic and make it fixed.


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