Business management software: Choose what suits your business best

Business management software: Choose what suits your business best

Business management software: Choose what suits your business best

Business management software encompasses all of the tools that help you run your business smoothly.

They range from simple time trackers to complex accounting platforms that let you juggle several dozen clients.

These tools are meant to automate certain processes, such as payroll, for example. They can also cut down on tedious tasks like inbox management. But they can also handle large-scale tasks, like project management.

But, with such a wide variety of tools to choose from, how will you know what to look for?

How to choose the right business management software/platform

Since there are so many different types of software and categories, one can easily feel lost. If you aren’t sure where to start in your search, the next set of questions can help.

These are just some important things to consider when choosing the right software for you. Answer the following questions and you might get a clearer idea on what your business needs:

What are the biggest challenges my business is facing right now?

Needless to say, the type of business management software depends on the areas you struggle with the most. Maybe it’s financing, maybe it’s insufficient data storage, HR, customer management, and so on. Decide which aspects of the business are a priority and patch those holes first.

How much are we able/willing to spend? What are our budget constraints? 

It goes without saying that the software will need to match your budget. If at all possible, you should try signing up for a free version until you know for certain that a paid plan can benefit the company.

Do you expect/plan on growing the business? 

If you do, then you’ll want software that can scale along with the company. Look for tools and solutions that can help with the workflow whether you’re at 10-50 employees or 150-300.

Do you have remote teams? Do you need 24/7 access? 

Answering “yes” means that you will have to find a software that caters to all devices, and is accessible both offline and online.

What level of customization do you need? 

This question is related to integrations. Apps and software that have at least a dozen different integrations will give you more freedom to mold it to fit your business. In the end, you’ll be taking that software and tailoring the service to maximize its potential.

For easier reading, we’ve narrowed down the choices and grouped them into 6 different categories. They represent the general aspects of a business, regardless of the industry (retail, IT, construction, HR,…).

Business management software categories and their best representatives

Apps, tools, and solutions are there to make our jobs easier by finding shortcuts or automating certain tasks. So let us first take a look at what type of work tracker can be automated, and to what extent it should be automated.

It’ll give us a better overview of what our business management software should entail.

Activities and processes that can be automated for optimal business management are:

  1. Tracking employee and team work hours
  2. Managing workforce
  3. Customer relationship management and sales
  4. Project management and collaboration
  5. Accounting and invoicing
  6. Storing and sharing documents


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