Everything You Should Know About a Knee Joint Replacement Surgery

Knee pains give an enough hard time to people who have to suffer through it, restricting their daily routine and limiting the activities which they can undertake. With the breakthrough development in medical science, it is now possible to replace the knee joint through a process, commonly referred to as a Knee joint replacement surgery. In plain terms, the procedure involves removal of the damaged bones through the knee cap or the thigh bone and replacing it with an artificial one. You should visit an Orthopaedic specialist hospital and consult a capable doctor who will be able to guide you better about your condition and determine if you need a Knee joint replacement surgery.

Why does someone need a knee joint replacement?

When a patient suffers from intolerable pain and discomfort in the knee, which puts a restriction on his movements and activities, he might have no other option but to undertake the surgery. Usually, these are people who face trouble with routine activities such as climbing the stairs, getting in and out of a chair and sometimes even during rest. You should look for an Orthopaedic doctor near me who will be able to assess the extent of motion in the knee, its stability and strength, and devise the extent of damage that the knee has suffered through an X ray.

Is a knee replacement surgery free of any risks?

As with any other surgery, there are numerous risks that one has to face with a knee replacement surgery. When you look for an Orthopaedic doctor near me, you will be able to gain better understanding from him regarding these risks such as infection, clots of blood in the veins of the legs, risk of heart attack or stroke, damage to the nerve and more. If, after a knee replacement surgery, you suffer from any of the above mentioned events, you will have to undergo an additional surgery to extract the artificial parts which the doctor might have implanted on you and remove the bacteria through medicines. After this, the doctor will perform another surgery to replace the knee.

What is the process involved in a knee replacement surgery?

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Before sending you in for a surgery, your doctor may restrict the use of certain food items and medications. You may need help with routine jobs after the surgery, so prepare adequate help for that in advance. It takes a couple of days for you to recover after receiving the surgery, during which time, you will be advised to consume certain medicines to eliminate the chances of an infection and speedy recovery. Pain relief can be expected after a knee surgery which can easily last for up to 15 years.


Knee replacement surgery is an excellent resort for people who face trouble with knee pain and movement. Usually, it takes up to six weeks to completely recover after a knee surgery, after which, one can resume his daily routine. Higher impact activities are usually restricted for some time though.


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