From Frizz to Smooth

From Frizz to Smooth

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In this fast pace life, it’s difficult to take care of your hair. And especially when you have loads of work waiting for you. Even I found it difficult to handle work and myself. And this climate change is just a cherry on the top for ruining my skin and hairs. It’s even hard when you are someone like me, with this newfound friend PCOD/PCOS, but chill. Life is hard but that doesn’t mean you have to be hard on your health and hair. No issue when nishu is here. I’m not nishu it just rhymed well, LOL. But I am someone like you. And trust me friend this remedy of hair problem works like wonder.

Here I am answering all your screams. 😉

But first, Stop using all sort of chemicals on your body and try to use all-natural ingredients and you will find your solution.

  • Things to avoid
  • Conditioner
  • Hard shampoos instead use Mild shampoo which is more transparent.
  • Scented oils
  • Serums

You all are like WHAT is nishu mad. How can I survive without all this? But trust me all these products are one of the reasons for your frizz and weak hair. In the start, your hair might look bad but give it some time to move on just like we did from our exes. And your hair will be all fine for life without much effort.

Now, follow this simple list of Do’s & Don’t

(Trust me you can manage)

Do’s Don’t
Use wide-tooth combs      Washing hair daily
Massage your scalp for 5 minutes every day.       Tight rubber bands
braid your hair while sleeping Reduce using heat products.
Eat healthy (Curry leaves are best) Stop using conditioner
Change pillow cover every week   Try to be stress-free  

Eureka! If you can do this 50% of your hair is saved.

Now, the main climax comes in. It’s the routine guys. It’s not rocket science you’ll be able to follow it even on your workdays. Just make these hair repair kits and you are good to go for a month or two.

I’ll expose all my haircare secret kit with you, from before wash to after wash.

  1. Before wash routine
  2. Oil treatment

Before wash, I try to apply oil on the previous day or at least one hour early before bath.

For oil, I use Normal coconut oil with raw onion.

HOW? – Take a wok(kadhai) Pour the coconut oil and add chopped onions and let it boil for few minutes. Cool it down and pour in a bottle, and ready to use.

PRO TIP: Massage with your fingertips as it helps in blood circulation

  • Aloe-vera treatment

It’s the easiest and effective method. Just before washing your hairs Apply aloe-vera gel or aloe-vera

extract directly to your scalp and massage and keep for 15minutes max.

Aloe-vera gels even help in detangling hairs and cause less breakage. And results in shiny hair and a clean scalp.

  • Hair Mask

Hair mask helps to provide nourishment to your hair.

For hair, mask use curd and add a whole lemon to it.

Make a smooth paste let it stay for one hour.

And bye-bye frizz and welcome smooth shiny hair.

Follow this for every 15-20 days.

  • Hair-wash routine
  • Avoid using conditioner. Initial few washes would make you feel bad but, in a month, or more your hair will itself get adjusted to the no conditioner rule and the natural qualities of your hair will start regaining.
  • Try to use a mild shampoo and avoid hard shampoo. Use shampoo with fewer chemicals and which are transparent.
  • Use coin size amount of shampoo to wash your hair care .
  • And wash your hairs with water nicely, don’t let the leftover shampoo sit on your hair.

This is one of my experiments, successful ones obviously. It’s simple, just take some water and cut lemon and add in the water and heat it for few minutes. *DON’T ADD LEMON JUICE, add whole lemons. And let it cool down. And fill your empty spray bottle. Start using it.

Protect it from direct contact with your eyes.

Use it when you feel your hairs are dry or frizzy. It also protects from the harsh sun during summer.

  • Use soft surface towel-like cotton.
  • Don’t comb wet hairs
  • Use wide-tooth combs it avoids less breakage
  • Avoid using heat on the hair on a regular basis.
  • Let your hair dry on its own don’t rub it vigorously

Bonus tips

  • Curd is a natural conditioner, high in protein, and also hydrates your scalp.
  • Lemon not only helps your skin but hair too.
  • When exposed to the sun the citric acid in lemon helps accelerate the bleaching process.
  • Onion promotes hair growth and prevents thinness.
  • All the methods are tried and tested, I have been following them for one year by now and trust nishu the results are awesome.



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