How to plan your long rides during summers this year

Holidays on wheels can be a great adventure, both with friends and with your family or partner. Some have decided to allow themselves to be conquered by the most retro way of life and launch themselves to the conquest of the kilometres by motor home, caravan, or camper. Leaving the vehicle ready before departure is vital to ensure a round trip.

As lovers of this type of travel will know, the journey is the most important.

Before going on the road, it is highly recommended to follow a series of steps so that the trip planning is the best possible.


We have to choose an exact point of arrival to be clear about our destination, where we want to reach. Once we are clear, we can use tools such as the webs to choose the route that best suits our needs and know where the gas stations and rest areas are located throughout the trip.


It is important to take into account the points to refuel along the route (see the maps of gas stations), as well as restaurants and rest areas. It is mandatory to stop even if they are 10 or 15 minutes, every two hours of travel and not drink alcohol or make copious meals during or before the trip.


To the extent possible, the quality of the journey also improves markedly if rush hours and especially conflicting days are avoided. For this, many web pages updated information on the most problematic areas and the departure and return operation days.


A good trick to avoid important forgetting is to make a list of all the necessary things for the trip: food, water, the keys of the house of the beach or the mountain, sunglasses, medicines.


Having a navigator onboard the car is beneficial since it tells us in real-time where we are, what road we have to take, or what is the maximum speed allowed in that area. But it is very important that the, as far as possible, the navigator be manipulated by the co-pilot, since if the driver does so, he diverts attention from the road.


Although browsers also show us the estimated arrival time at our destination, we must bear in mind that it is indicative and that we do not have to hurry to arrive as soon as possible. It is better to be late than not to arrive.


If we travel in a group with our friends and want to share the expenses that have been during a trip. There is an infinite number of applications for our smart phones that help us organize expenses and tell us how much each one has to pay.

Conclusion: So to go on a long ride during summers by personal vehicles, we have to check all the stuff that we need there are packed or not. We have to check the routes or gas stations on preferable web pages. Therefore, it is essential to plan our trip correctly so that when we are on the road, all our attention is directed to driving successfully.


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