How to Prevent Moth Damage on Rugs and Carpets

How to Prevent Moth Damage on Rugs and Carpets

Moth invasions are a dangerous thing as it can severely damage all types of rugs and carpets. Most of the time, these infestations occur subtly and usually deducted once the damage is done. Years ago, it was quite problematic to find out the relevant solution to provide prevention against the moth attacks on rugs and carpets. But now the presence of rug and carpet cleaning services has made it easier to resolve the issue in the first place.

If you are also suspecting that your carpets/rugs are also getting affected by the moth invasions, then don’t worry. Here in the present discussion, we will emphasize some of the most effective preventions that can help you in protecting the rug/carpets against moth activities.

Ways to Prevent Moth Activities on Rug/Carpet

The following are the different practical ways that work like magic to prevent moth attacks on your rugs/carpets.

  • Kill the Moths on Carpets

Nowadays, you can use the number of remedies to get prevention against moth. There are different strategies, including chemical and temperature-based approaches, that can be used for killing the moths. Out of so many preferences, it is strongly recommended to go for non-toxic moth treatments as these treatments can maintain the good and long-life of the carpets/rugs. Usually, pesticides can be chosen as they don’t involve any risk of harming your homes and living area. Most of the time, the combine treatments get the real preference in case of a ruthless moth influx.  These treatments will kill all types of moths, including adult moth or the one from the egg stages. Killing the moths in the initial stages by using multiple pesticides is the last option; it can be preferred only in the initial stages.

  • Prevention of Moth on Wool Rugs

The most effective strategy to prevent your wool rugs/carpets against the attack of the moth is that you must clean the carpet regularly. You have to ensure that you clean the air ducts daily, as these air ducts can result in air blowing that works more like food for the moth in your house. It is strongly recommended to clean any of the wool material, including rugs, before storage if you don’t want them to become food for the moths. Vacuum cleaning is also preferable, but vacuums the entire area of the mats instead of the selected portions. Don’t ignore cleaning the liquid spins or the solid material on the carpet as there shouldn’t be any way to provide food to moths.

  • Proper Identification of Moths on Carpets

Surely, you all know that the size of the moth is quite small, specifically in their initial stages, so that they may leave different signs of their development on the rugs. Most of the time, it becomes quite challenging to identify moth on the rug because they have the same color as most of the rugs. You can find them on the dark areas of the carpet as they lay on the darker corners of the rugs. You can use the latest cleaning equipment or hire professionals to clean the mats for you, so that they may kill the moth quickly.

Final Words

It is critical to identify moths on the carpets, but it is not impossible. If you hire the professionals for this purpose, then they will not only clean the rug for you but kill the moths in the first place as well.

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