How To Stop Yahoo Alert For Avoiding Unwanted Traffic?

How To Stop Yahoo Alert For Avoiding Unwanted Traffic?

If you are a Yahoo email user and use your account on your mobile screen or computer system, keep getting the updates to remain on top of your likable news. An email account helps to create alerts for various topics, definite websites or keywords and alerts you like the updated information on the topics is published online. For this, it is compulsory for creating an account of Yahoo. Creating Yahoo notifications needed a Yahoo email account. The users can easily create a notification on their PC or mobile phone. 

But sometimes, they get stuck with the Alert and Notification. In that case, you can easily Stop the Yahoo Alert to avoid Unwanted Traffic. For that, you have to follow some formalities which are given below in this guide.

Logging into the Yahoo mail account

To access your Yahoo notifications and alert, you have to log in to the Yahoo email account through its official website. And after that, you need to click on the link with a name to access the account menu. Then, you need to select ‘Account Info’ to go to your personal settings and profile.

Searching your Alerts and Notifications

In the settings page of your account, you can easily customize, manage and edit all the aspects of an account. For this, you need to just scroll your system mouse to the bottom of the page ‘Notifications and Subscription’ title. To start with, all you need to hot the ‘Set up Yahoo! Alerts’ link to manage the notifications. After that, you need to select the ‘My Alerts’ tab to edit your notifications. Finally, you can edit, disable or remove Alerts with the help of the ‘My Alerts’ panel.

Steps to Turn off Yahoo Alerts:

  • First of all, you have to click on the ‘On’ button to turn the active alert on
  • Then, you will get an alert in your email account or mobile device
  • The alert will show in your account if you want to turn it back on
  • To turn off the notifications, just scroll to the bottom of the Alerts list to turn the alert On and click on Off link quickly
  • Make sure that the notification with an ‘Off’ button which appears next to them are turned Off
  • With the On/Off feature, you can stop the Yahoo Alerts on a temporary basis

Steps to delete Yahoo Alerts:

  • First of all, you need to click on the icon that looks like a gray trash can to delete the alter on a permanent basis
  • The account will after that provides you prompt to verify, and you have to click on Yes to delete it option appropriately
  • Now, the Yahoo Alert will properly delete from your account list
  • When you will remove an alert when there’s not an option available to recover it

By following the given steps, you can easily stop Yahoo Alerts to avoid unwanted traffic. Also, if you are facing any issue while conducting these steps then, get in touch with the technical experts by just calling on yahoo customer service number. The teams are always there to help you and provide instant assistance regarding the issue.


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