Look Like a True Diva in Kanjivaram Saree and Rock any Event

Intricate work, exquisite design, captivating colours, that’s all about Kanjivaram saree. Are you going to a party or wedding ceremony? Wearing Kanjivaram saree will set you aside from others.

As we know, the name kanjivaram came from Kanchipuram. This is the place where Kanjivaram sarees are designed for ladies of India. It takes a long procedure and thorough work to create a six-yard drape like this. Here are innumerable designs and styles that since ages have wooed women. There have been colours as well.

Here we are going to tell you about how to stand out in kanjivaram drapes.

Use it as lehenga saree

Lehenga sarees are the latest hit among women of all ages. As it has two in one feature that’s what women find easy to pull off. The feature of saree and lehenga in one outfit is gaining popularity. Although lehenga sarees came from Bollywood fashion trends, it has become a huge hit among ladies. Whether it is a wedding ceremony or a special occasion demanding ethnic dressing code, this is what one should go with.


The intricate work of Kanjivaram woven with golden and silver silk threads makes it truly incredible. You can find many colours in an outfit like this. As it comes in lehenga style, what all you do is to just slip into it. Accessorize it with statement jewellery and rock the event being an ethnic diva.

Pull it Off in Gujarati style  

Wearing Kanjivaram saree in Gujarati style is what will bring out the best of it. Gujarati saree style features pallu draping from behind and on the right shoulder. This will bring out the intricate design of the pallu perfectly and to the fore. As pallu will cover your torso, you need to wear designer necklaces. Make a messy bun or opt for wavy waterfall hairdo.

Wear it like Rekha

Bollywood actress Rekha and Kanjivaram saree, both are made for each other. If you remember, Rekha pulls off this saree no matter which event she attends. She is a great admirer of Kanjivaram sarees. She wears it with open pallu perfectly tossed on the left shoulder. You can wear this drape same as her and make most out of it.

Show it off in thin nivi style

Nivi style is the one in which pallu is thrown on the left shoulder in thin pleats. Kanjivaram saree will add to your style if you wear it the way stated above. However, you need to keep in mind that the style of blouse is what will make or break your look. If you are someone having a heavy torso, opt for closed neck blouse. Those having an athlete body can wear it with any blouse.

As Kanjivaram saree comes in delicate silk fabric, you need to take care of it or else it will lose its sheen. Store it in a dry place and keep it away from moisture. Always wrap it in protective sheet or cover to keep it safe for longer. You want to use it for years to come, aren’t you?


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