QuickBooks Online vs Desktop – Right Option for you

QuickBooks Online vs Desktop – Right Option for you

QuickBooks Desktop and QuickBooks Online are a business accounting software, and both differ in features and data accessibility. QuickBooks desktop is used for the businesses that sell products or need to do bookkeeping for more than one company. In combination, QuickBooks Online is great for the service-based business that helps employees to not spend much time in the office and need access to their data from a mobile device.

QuickBooks Desktop is easy to set up and use. That’s the reason we recommend QuickBooks Online over QuickBooks Desktop. With the help of QuickBooks Online, you can access your data 24/7 from any device with a good internet connection. And now you are free from the desktop computer. You can also save up to 50% off, just sign up for your QuickBooks Online Account. And can directly contact QuickBooks Support Team for take more assistance.

Comparison between QuickBooks Online and Desktop

QuickBooks OnlineQuickBooks Desktop
Requires internet connectionNo need to connect with internet
No installationNeed to install on computer
Can access from anywhere on any deviceHave to access from devices with the program loaded and access to the data
Single company per licenseUnlimited companies per license
Monthly fee starting ar $25Unlimited company per license

You can purchase QuickBooks Desktop for a one-time fee and can also purchased from through the Desktop Plus Subscription. The subscription of Desktop Plus offers some features that once belonged only to QuickBooks Online, only for an annual fee subscription. But, QuickBooks Online is the only product that can be accessed online from any computer or device. 

Difference in Features of QuickBooks Desktop and QuickBooks Online

There are some features that QuickBooks Online have and QuickBooks Desktop don’t have. Like free technical support, unless you buy the subscription of desktop plus. Moreover, QuickBooks Desktop has some features that QuickBooks Online don’t have. Like batch invoicing and multiple inventory valuation methods.

Features: QB Online

QuickBooks Online has automatic online backups. The features that access your data platform like Windows or iOS, and unlimited free tech support are less.   

There are four features of QuickBooks Online which is not available with a one-time purchase of QuickBooks Desktop.

  • Automatic Online Backup and Protection

The data of QuickBooks Online is backed up automatically and secured by Intuit’s servers. And, you don’t have to worry about whether your data is protected whether your computer gets stolen or malfunctions. The data will not be stored on your computer. 

  • Access data from anytime and from multiple platforms

You can access your QuickBooks Online data 24/7 from a PC, Mac, or mobile devices. All you just need for an internet connection and user ID and password, because all your data is in the cloud.

  • Free unlimited Technical Support

You can contact technical support with QuickBooks Online, as much as you want at no additional charge. Unlike QuickBooks Desktop, tech support is involved in all QuickBooks Online pricing plans.

  • Automatic have access to the latest version of QuickBooks

You get immediate access to the latest version of the QuickBooks Online Software. Any new feature does not need an upgrade like Desktop Product. You can just directly log into your account to access the most updated version of QuickBooks Desktop.

Features: QB Desktop

There are some few advantages over QuickBooks Online. Like, QuickBooks Desktop can manage multiple companies and provides various sample files, industry-specific versions, batch invoicing and additional inventory options.

There are some features about QuickBooks Desktop that QuickBooks Online has not.

  • Unlimited companies

Multiple companies can use QuickBooks Desktop. And the QuickBooks Online needs a separate subscription for each set of books of the company.

  • Multiple inventory tracking options

QuickBooks Desktop offers two choices for tracking inventory, which are, the average cost method and the FIFO method. When you purchase the Advanced Inventory add-on module, the average method is available. Generally, the average cost is used for manufacturing, agriculture, and oil and gas industries, in which it is hard to determine when separate units entered the inventory.

  • Sample Company files

Included with QuickBooks Desktop are various sample company files from multiple industries. And can use these sample files to experiment or practice without using your own business data.

  • Batch Invoicing

QuickBooks Desktop has a batch invoicing feature. This feature provides you to invoice several customers at the same time. QuickBooks Online does not currently provide this feature.

  • Industry-specific Versions Available

Moreover to provide features for normal business, QuickBooks Desktop gives industry-specific characteristics for businesses that fall into the following industries: construction, production and wholesale, professional services, retail, and nonprofit. QuickBooks Online does not provide industry-specific ability.


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