5 Key Steps to Follow for Starting with Woocommerce in 2020

5 Key Steps to Follow for Starting with Woocommerce in 2020

As the internet grows, the e-commerce industry becomes one of the leading businesses worldwide. With the advancement in technology, it becomes easy to start an online business within the minimal cost. As a beginner, starting with the whole process seems to be complicated, especially when not having a technical background. To make the process easier, the use of CMS and website builders becomes the part of e-stores.

The top CMS includes WordPress, Woocommerce, Shopify and many more.  For the e-stores, majority of the beginners and experts consider woocommerce as the ideal choice. Even the majority of the hosting companies are providing cheap Woocommerce hosting. This makes it more feasible for you to start with woocommerce in this expensive era. But how would you do that? What’s the procedure and steps you need to follow? Let’s discuss this further in this blog.

What is WooCommerce?

Basically, woocommerce is a plugin in WordPress that turns your site into a customizable store. It helps a site owner to make the store flexible, with reasonable features such as inventory management to manage the task efficiently. The integration of woocommerce with WordPress includes e-commerce ability and SEO value. The top reasons to choose woocommerce includes

  • The basic features are free of cost
  • Rich sets of features that can be extended by using plugins
  • It gives the freedom to sell anything including the digital products

So through the above points, it is quite clear what is woocommerce and why to choose this platform. But to know the key steps for starting with woocommerce in 2020, you need to continue reading it.

1. Know Your Hosting Needs:

Before choosing any hosting provider, or installing the Woocommerce it is essential to know your hosting needs. For starting with the Woocommerce store, it is important to know either you need a basic hosting package or a premium one. this will help you to start the store successfully.

2. Choose Right Hosting Provider:

There are plenty of hosting providers that claim to provide the best hosting services. But as it is said that action speaks louder than a word, therefore you need to take trials before finalizing anyone. Top hosting providers like host break or fast host, could be an ideal choice. To choose the reliable hosting provider you must need to consider the following points

  • Guaranteed Uptime
  • Previously happy customer reviews
  • Features they provide
  • The value they provide against money

3. Install WordPress:

As soon as you purchase the hosting, you get the space to build your site. The free WordPress software is an ideal way to lay the foundation platform. Once you install the WordPress on the CMS, you need to start customizing the site.

4. Choose A Theme:

You can purchase a premium theme or the basic free one, depending on what you need. There are various themes that work great with Woocommerce, so choosing one wouldn’t be a hurdle for you. Ensure that the site is completely set up the way you need it.

5. Activating Woocommerce:

The last step is to activate the woocommerce on your website. For starting with woocommerce this is the key step you need to follow. You need to create a free account on Woocommerce, download the plugins, and search for the woocommerce plugin for your site. Hence, your store is ready, now all you need is to add the products, with descriptions and start your journey.


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