Drape yourself in the dazzling spell of designer sarees!

Drape yourself in the dazzling spell of designer sarees!

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Sarees have been an indispensable part of the Indian woman’s wardrobe since long. The six yards of spun material in sombre and iridescent hues is one of the most traditional yet sensuous fashion wear. Sarees are suited for almost every type of occasions, be it an official do, a traditional function or a jazzy party. The best part about this dressing option is that you do not even have to think twice about the style impact as sarees never go out of fashion. Trends have come and gone but the saree has always been in vogue. With time the saree has been re-invented and revamped but without adulterating its basic character of elegance and sophistication. Yet another benefit of this multi yard fabric is that it looks perfect on both slim and healthy body. You just need to get a saree in the right kind of fabric and carry it like a fashionista! There is no dearth of options when it comes to new designs of sarees.

The different variants of designer saree for woman are as follows-

Georgette sarees– The most regal and elegant of all sarees, a georgette saree is made of silk fabric and the most alluring feature of this spun fabric is the crinkly look that it can give to the surface of the saree. You can either go for pure georgette or faux georgette depending on your preference. Dual color georgette sarees are an all-time hit!

Pattu sarees- pattu sarees are again silk made sarees but its design is more south-Indian oriented. Pair it with a smart blouse to suit the occasion. The multi-color pattu saree has become quite a fashion rage nowadays owing to its bright splash of colors and the vibrant look.

Shimmer sarees– Shimmer sarees, as the name suggests, have a shiny and shimmer effect. Shimmer sarees mostly come in gold, silver and other rich and vibrant colors and are perfect for parties and night-time functions. Do not go overboard with jewelry while donning the shimmer saree look.

Net sarees- Net sarees are one of the most experimented with sarees as they look gorgeous and stunning in every type of design. Both bright and sober looks blend well with the net sarees. You can combine the saree with different blouse styles like full sleeved, mega sleeves or sleeveless too for that uniquely you style statement!

Half saree– half saree is for all those lovely ladies out there who simply love their six yards but are not quite comfortable in carrying it with ease. A Half saree comes in the form of a pleated skirt, almost like a pre-stitched saree, so t that you may easily carry it. This adds  poise to your personality. So if you love to look like a Diva this style is perfect!

Chiffon sarees- Chiffon sarees are associated with romance and style due to its age long association with Bollywood movies. Chiffon sarees are one of the lightest and most comfortable sarees that can be used for any occasion. You see Bollywood celebrities flaunting them and you too can be the style queen like them.

You can get all of the above looks by buying the best designer sarees online.  You get a variety of option when it comes to online shopping for sarees. There are many sites that offer online sarees for women.  You can select any online shopping portal that appeals to you and order any of the above mentioned saree styles to add to your wardrobe. You can even check and scrutinize the prices and offers by various sites. So go ahead and create a fashion trail that all your friends and daily would applaud and appreciate!

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