Wed. Aug 4th, 2021


Life today, has become a routine. Except some lucky people, we all are trying to just drag ourselves out of the bed, wishing how we could just close our eyes for just five more minutes and complete our sleep. Breakfast, smiles, lunch, laughs, fake smiles, snacks, fake laughter and dinner. That’s all our life has become. Jobs are just links to survive. We all need an impossible escape from day-to-day routine. With a pandemic sitting on our necks, it definitely hasn’t been an easy task to stay joyful and sunshine. And with our dire needs and responsibilities, our skin is the last thing on our mind. ... Read More
Buying gifts for someone is an act that will always spread happiness and convey affection. It doesn’t matter if you are celebrating an event, congratulating someone on their accomplishment, giving something that reminded you of them or gifting on a special occasion, gifting is something that will always bring a smile to someone’s face. And what better time to send a gift to someone when they are unwell or unhappy in their lives. ... Read More