Tue. Aug 3rd, 2021


In this ‘use and throw’ world, here is a list of rare and precious things you can have or give. Astronomical rings unlike regular jewelleries are special because of their unique design. Miniatures are like small statues of a people in their style and can be used like photographs to catch moments. Polaroid cameras are cameras which allow you to quickly print the photos. Vintage items are generally valuable antiques. Plants are special because they are living and have to be taken care of like any other living being. ... Read More
Vintage themes are all time favourite and can never get old. Right from decorations to vibes everything feels wonderfully royal, giving you a classic feeling. Minimal jewelry is preferred as minimal is trending right from old times. Back pendant necklaces are new designer jewelry for backless dresses. Weddings are incomplete without desserts. Open tent weddings are preferred because people love to spend their favourite moments in natural surroundings. ... Read More
Big wedding cakes are my favourite part of weddings. Many weddings nowadays are based on a particular theme. Beach weddings can be super tiring to plan but are many people’s dream wedding plans. Invitation cards and hampers are given a great importance these days. Green weddings are in trend due to the cool vibes plant decoration give. Shopping and flaunting the stunning attires is the main part of wedding. Non-traditional dresses of brides are gorgeous. Photo backdrops in weddings are the centre of attention for many photography lovers.... Read More