Timeless Sarees you Should Know About!

Have you ever wondered how every saree that you own tells a beautiful story? A story about its origin, a story about its making process, a story about who has made it and the story about how that saree has reached you. In our busy lives we however often forget to explore these stories. If you have taken some time out to read this article, we’ll assure you that you will fall in love with your sarees all over again by the end of it.

mirraw-sarees-collectionA saree is taken special care of way before it even reaches you! By being woven with delicacy and designed with accuracy, the saree becomes a priced possession of the maker. There are a number of sarees woven keeping a particular occasion in mind. India along with its rich culture and heritage boasts about its traditional sarees too which are found endless varieties. Here are a few culturally rich Indian saree-types that have survived the test of time gracefully.

  1. Banarasi Silk Saree


Blessed with abundance of richness, Banarasi sarees are sure to take away your heart at first sight. Their marvellous colours, sheen and texture makes the saree worth the money. The sarees are crafted in Varanasi and have heavy golden embroidery especially on the borders. They are popular as bridal sarees in North India.

  1. Chanderi Cotton Silk Sarees

chanderi-silk-sareesThe saree is traditionally designed and tailored in Madhya Pradesh and can give the royal affair a pretty peek. The sarees are made of one of a kind tissue silk and falls in the category of sheer sarees. Generally women love wearing the white saree with gold border combination in Chanderi Silk.

  1. Classic Tant Sarees


If you think you haven’t heard about these sarees then maybe you are wrong. We all have come across Bengali women who wear their traditional sarees, at least must have seen in some movies. These sarees are called Tant sarees. They are made of crisp cotton and don’t possess an easy flowing attitude as silk or georgette. The saree is designed with excellent craftsmanship and vehement thread work at minute places making the saree look absolutely alluring during festive occasions such as Durga Puja, Kali Puja or Diwali.

  1. Kanjeevaram Sarees

kanchipuram-sareesVery well associated to a bride, the South Indian bridal saree now has also gained popularity among North India and the North-East. This crafted and garnered drape from Kanchipuram has earned fame for its vibrant colours and beautiful temple design borders.

  1. Sambalpuri Silk Sarees

sambalpuri-sareesWe can’t thank Odisa enough for giving us the most striking saree of all time. The saree can be found in silk and cotton fabric with gorgeous embroidery patterns and can be combined with terracotta jewellery.

  1. Cotton Saree

mirraw-cotton-sareesAmong all the fancy types of sarees you might wonder how cotton saree seems like a misfit here. However, cotton is the most preferred saree fabric in India. It is known for its light weight and comfort. They have been experimented with immensely in the past as women demand for them regardless of the on-going fashion trends. The popular types of cotton sarees are Mangalagiri, Khadi, Sambhalpuri, Chettinad, Kajeevaram, Tant, Kotki and Chikan.

  1. Paithani Saree

paithani-sareesAnother one from the Maharashtrian culture, the Paithani sarees are loved for their pallu as it showcases the real power of nature with natural patters like trees, parrots and peacocks. These sarees are worn during special occasions. They look very heavy to carry even though they might not feel the same once you wear them.

India has many other hidden gems when it comes to sarees but we pick our few favourites. So this festive season make sure you try to get your hands on these gems!


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