21 Good Gift Ideas For 21 Year Old

We know the pain of selecting the gift. Choosing a gift is no art. All you have to know the person you are gifting to. But still, if you are in doubt and did not know what to get a 21 year old on their upcoming occasion, then we got you covered.

To lessen your headache and choosing the right gift, here we brought 21 gift ideas that you can gift a 21 year old.

Personalised Caricature

A caricature is a comic effect 3D outlet of a person, which is one of the best gifts in 2021. The funny caricature photo not only makes your gift one of the most memorable gifts but also keeps bringing a smile to a person whenever they see it.

Some of the sites where you will get personalized caricature are IGP.com, Ferns N Petals, Regalocasila, Gingercrush.

Indoor Plant

Gifting indoor plant is one of the warmest and lively gifting options to gift your loved ones. It will show your love and care towards the person you are gifting to. Also, it is a unisex gift, and you can give it to your children, friend, or spouse.

Sites, where you can get indoor plants, are FlowerAura, IGP, The Plant Store, Ferns N Petals, Amazon.

Scented Candles

Who doesn’t like a good fragrance? You should never underestimate the aura of good fragrance. To make your 21 year old room alive get them scented candles. You can get any fragrance that you think the person likes. Some of the aromas you can try are Lavender, Sandalwood, Jasmine, Oudh, Vanilla, Lemongrass. Scents not only make them remember your gift for a lifetime but also make their mood and mind healthy and positive. As you know, goods aromas have the ability to soothes a person’s mind.

While choosing the best fragrance, keep in mind what scents the person loves the most or use it often. This will help you in choosing the right fragrance for them.

Sites where you can purchase scent candles, are Craftslane, Amazon, Nappa Dori, Ekam, Pepperfry,

Customised T-shirt

A customized T-shirt is the coolest gift a 21 year old . You can get imprinted on any of their favorite movie star, slogan, or their photo itself. If you are not sure what they like, then you get your birthday message imprinted on the t-shirt.

If you want to make their special occasion more fun, then you can go for some funny customization. This will surely make them laugh their heart out, and make your gift memorable. Either you can customize it by yourself, or ask for help.

Sites where you can get t-shirt customisation: Vistaprint, YourPrint, Printo, CustomInk.

Customised Face Mask

In the era of infectious disease, one of the best gifts can be a face mask. But why buy the same design mask available in the market? Get your loved one a customized funky face mask, that will keep them safe. And what gift can be this close to them?

Sits where you can customized face mask: Vistaprint, Printshop, Printo, Bags Of Love, Right Gifting.

Box Of Chocolates

A box of sweet surprises never gets old. If your love one is sweet-tooth then you can get them a load of chocolate box with a personalized message.

Personalised Diary

If your loved one loves to write or always on the run o their schedule then you can a lovely personalized diary for them.Sites where you can find the personalized diary are IGP, Vistaprint, YourPrint, Amazon, Ferns N Petals.

Name Pendant or Bracelet

You can gift your loved one their name pendant or bracelet. If you think your relationship bond has to stronger then customize your name on it too. Either go with the initials or with the full name.

Sites, where you can get name pendant or bracelet, are Amazon, IGP, Happy Maker, Tipsyfly, PipaBella, Blinglane.


If you know some gift a 21 year old who loves to read then there is no better gift than books. You can get them a collection of books or a single book of an influential person.

Online sites where you buy books: Amazon, Bookchor, Ferns N Petals, 99bookscart, Bookish Santa.

Gift Hamper

You can buy a beautiful gift hamper or can make it by yourself. Give your gift hamper a personal touch by adding all the essential items of the brand they love. You can also make it simple by adding chocolates and cards.

Online where you can get gift hampers are Ferns N Petals, IGP, Interflora. 

Digital Photo Album

Who doesn’t want to keep a good memory? Get your loved one a Digital Photo Frame, so that they can always cherish the best memories of their life.

Sites, where you can buy digital photo frames are Amazon, Flipkart, 


Bedsheets are a cosy gift option to gift. You can get funky, personalized, or classy bedsheets for your loved ones, according to their taste. They will surely never forget your gift.

Online places where you can get the most fine bedsheets are BellaCasa, Jaypore, Home Center, Pepperfry, Amazon.

Polaroid Camera

If your 21-year-old is a photography fanatic then get them a polaroid camera, where they can instantly catch all their good memories.

Online sites where you can buy polaroid cameras at a good price are Amazon, Flipkart, Croma.

A surprise party

To celebrate 21 years of their life, get a big surprise party with all their friends and family. And if you want to have them all for yourself, then give them a big treat, either in their favorite restaurant or by making a homemade meal. They will surely cherish your effort in making their occasion more special.

Here we have completed our list of gifts. Remember we have given the best ideas to gift your loved one. But if you have any other option in your head then go ahead with it. After all, the purpose of the gift is to bring a smile on the person’s face, it does not matter what the gift is, but for what purpose it is being given.


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