Best Valentine Gift For Girlfriend

Best Valentine Gift For Girlfriend

Dekho! dekho vo aa gaya!

It is finally that time of the year when we want to shower extra love and show our romantic side to our partners, yes, 14th February- Valentine Day! Some of us might feel like it is so unnecessary, why one should celebrate “A day” of love, why not celebrate love every day, right? Well, I do agree that celebrating love just one day is not enough but who doesn’t like to feel special on Valentine’s Day?! So, this Valentine Day without any second thoughts and wasting any more time start searching for that perfect gift for your partner. But won’t you agree that it is so much to do in such less time? Don’t worry we have got you covered, a well-curated list of gifts for your partner which will make their day special and create some beautiful memories for the two of you!

Without any further ado, let’s move on to the list of gifts that will help you express your love for her and also does not harm your pocket 😉

The Moon Night Lamp

Moon Night Lamp

Remember the clichéd phrase “I LOVE YOU to the moon and back”, well that might not be possible in reality but you can surely give her, her own moon which will definitely be the most romantic gesture. The lamp brings in such a calming aura and it can be easily placed in any corner of the house (I would prefer it to the bedside table). There are many options available on Amazon in different sizes and decent price.

Real Flower Jewellery/ Accessories

If your girl is a nature lover and loves simple but unique pieces then I’m sure she is going to love this one! These pieces are made by the fossilization of real flowers and leaves to preserve their natural colors and look. There are a variety of options such as Pendants, earrings, finger rings, nose rings, bracelets, hairpins, bookmarks, key chains, sun catchers, etc. Beautiful and one of a kind pieces which she would love to add to her collection. Mentioning below some websites/pages where you can find them,

  1. (Do read about them! It is a great initiative)
  2. Rosa artistry (Instagram page)

Re-cycled / Up-cycled Bags/ Essentials

Re-cycled / Up-cycled Bags/ Essentials

There are some items in a woman’s wardrobe that come under essentials and they are non-negotiable, right? 😉 One of them is definitely a collection of bags, unlike guys there is one for every occasion. But what if I say that they are not merely any bags but bags up-cycled from plastics, yes! You heard it right, these bags are up-cycled from plastics and made through traditional handloom methods. “Recharkha” is an initiative to promote environmentally friendly bags and other items which provide an alternative to conventional bags. These products are hand-stitched and have so much more to offer than just bags. They make tote bags, pouches, yoga mat bags, beach bags, etc. You can order online or visit their store in Pune if you are a local. I would personally love to own one and it is a very thoughtful gift. This way you can also support small businesses and become vocal for local!

A basket of happiness

The best way to impress her would be to personalize your gift. This one depends completely on your partner’s taste and likings but below are some items that are must-haves:

  • Handmade chocolates (there are many options available online or you could search in your locality)
    • Plush toys (Soft Animal toys are “never not cute”, especially the reversible octopus!)
    • Set of Lipsticks/ Nail paints (there are never enough colors, trust me and Nykaa has a large range of products with good discounts)
    • Bath Bombs/ Aromatic oils (self-pampering is the best therapy!)
    • Personalized Photo of the two of you! (It is romantic, and instead of the usual collages try illustrations or bobbleheads which are easily customizable online)

Handcrafted/ Handloom Products

Handcrafted/ Handloom Products

And lastly, if there are no budget constraints and your love has no price tag, oops! Then definitely look for handicraft and handloom products. These products are made by artisans and might seem expensive but it is all worth it. Supporting artisans and celebrating their creations, what a win-win! Listing down some hand-picked websites/ pages that support artisans and provide you with authentic one of a kind products right from clothes to jewellery and many more,

  1. “Okhai”: It started as an initiative to provide livelihoods to the women of Okhamandal village and now provide unique creations. I personally love their dress collection and you know the best part is that they come with pockets! (Always prefer a dress with pockets, she will fall in love with you all over again, not kidding!:D)
  1. “Diaries of Nomad”: Full swing Bohemian vibes with a splash of colors in their clothing to home décor range! You can never be wrong with this one. Pick anything and she is going to love it. They also create a silver jewellery collection which will add that subtle royalty to your collection.
  2. “The Artist Project”: Visit their Instagram page to shop items. It is a one-stop platform that promotes Indian craftsmen and introduces them to the market. Highly skilled artisans showcase their creations and you will always find a place for these items at your home.

There is one thing, on this special day one must know that more than any gifts the efforts and the intention counts. If you are able to spend the day with your partner then take her out to the favorite restaurant, food is the ultimate key to any girl’s happiness (yeah, it’s not just for guys!). If she is an animal person then book a slot at dogs’/cats’ café and see the smile on their face which is priceless.

If you don’t want to go out and keep it simple and intimate then watch her all-time favorite movie, Cook for her or cook together, book a spa day or make her breakfast in bed, the shared experiences are most precious and all she wants is to spend time with you! For those who cannot be there in person plan a virtual date night, dress up, put on some candles/ dim lights, and shower her with some compliments. It is difficult times, the pandemic has either brought us together or kept us apart from our loved ones, so make the most of it.

Gifts are means to remember that special someone who will only bring a smile to their faces. And don’t forget to add a small note saying how much you love her or go all-in with a love letter (old school style, it never disappoints!) I hope this was helpful and you have everything covered to plan that special day for her.

Happy Valentine Day!


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