Our routines are a loop. You may have noticed that you were aiming to do a thing different from your routine long ago, but hadn’t been able to even get it started. There might be different things for different people. For me, it is calling my college friends. I literally say every day to myself, that I will take an hour out of my daily duties and call my friends. But either time forbids or my mood from doing so. Sometimes, I am just not in a very chatty mood. This can be said about things, but what about habits? Like not exercising, or specifically in these ‘work from home’ circumstances, we realize how much time we sat in the same place and noticing a slight ache in the back or neck. Now, it’s not like we do not know the upcoming outcomes of our routines, we know that if we do not take care of ourself we might end up having permanent backache. But instead of reconsidering our habits, we will keep on going in loops, just expecting different outcomes. Our routines shape our lifestyle. So, if you want to change your lifestyle, you must change your routine.

Here are some 5 easy lifestyle changes to instantly make you feel better:

  1. Gratitude:

When getting up in the morning you are thinking about the stress of hard work you will have to do that day. There must be very few days you will be ecstatic to get out of your bed. Some days you might even dread getting started with those. But you never have enough time to praise the things you already enjoy or will enjoy. Right from a chance to see a new morning to having a peaceful sleep. When you don’t appreciate enough, you feel like you don’t have enough. You feel unsatisfied. So, it’s good to start your day with gratitude. By appreciating the moments, you are going to create, for having a new start. You can just say, “Thank you for today.” before starting your day. It is also good to express gratitude to other people like thanking your mom for breakfast. Little things make a huge difference.

  • Personal diary/Journal:
Personal diary Journal

Sometimes, it is important to clear your head just like it is important to have a good listener friend. Just like ranting out your worries, it is important to explain somethings to yourself. Journaling or keeping a diary is a great way to escape your mind and write down your thoughts so you won’t keep on going in loops. Getting lost in your head can be simple when there’s just a lot to think about. A personal diary/ journal can help you arrange your thoughts. As time-consuming as it sounds, it is really a great way to lighten up your mind off heavy thoughts.

  • Stretching/Yoga:
Stretching Yoga

Stretching or yoga can be a good start of the day to have a clear mind before getting off with your usual chores. Even basic stretching exercises or beginner-level yoga is fine to get your body in motion and set your positive thoughts in action. Stretching awakens your body and energizes it by freshening you up for the further day. Yoga stimulates positive vibes and improves your flexibility. It is difficult to push your body to stretching but once you fit it into your routine you will feel a positive difference.

  • Meditation:

Meditation is like giving your body and more importantly your mind a rest. A rest from constant activity and restless train of thoughts. Doing meditation, at any hour of the day provide you a clear vision of your jumbled mind. Meditation brings you peace and at the same time gives you some alone time to reflect on your senses. It relaxes every muscle in your body and makes your persona calm and collected. Closing your eyes for even 5 minutes and taking a couple of deep breaths can instantly make you feel better.

  • Positivity:

Practise positivity. Be it the start of the day or the end of the day stays positive. And staying positive does not necessarily mean blabbering out inspirational quotes 24/7. It means keeping the mood lightened. Like starting your day with a smile, greeting people in your workplace, laughing more often, trying to maintain a positive aura, not letting others’ vibes affect you can affect your lifestyle. Spreading positivity by appreciating others or telling them how beautiful they look today can be also helpful to keep your setting gleeful.

            Some minor changes in your daily routine can bring some major differences in your attitude. It’s just how you react to a situation and how you handle it. Not letting outer circumstances affect your inner peace is all about it and letting your mind be at peace is the key. We can find solutions to certain problems. But it is necessary to find that problem and recognize it as one. Habits can either make you or mar you, that is why it is necessary to know the results of actions you take daily. LIFESTYLE


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