Attention Women! Know Your Body Type to Pick The Right Clothing

Fashion and style go hand in hand. Simply put, fashion is an expression of the personal style and individuality. People usually relate chic, trendy clothing and an impeccable dressing sense to fashion. Since unknown, women and fashion go together, inseparable. However, it may be different for different women.

Trends are never static, theykeep changing from time to time, compelling women to make cautious efforts to look trendy and avoid being labelled old-fashioned. The type of dress they choose plays an important role herein. However, in order to look good in the dress, women must make sure that they choose a type of clothing that suits their body and personality, enhancing their overall fashion appeal.

A woman must be well aware of her body shape and type to dress appropriately and aesthetically. Common body types are pear shaped, petite, yardstick, and apple shaped, etc.

Women with pear shaped body are a little heavier on the hip and belly region. However, they are petite from shoulders and chest. Pear shaped women should find something that can shift the focus away from the hip region, to the upper body or so. There are multiple options available for these women. The can simply choose bright colored tops, opt for large collars and accessorize themselves with shorter jewelry pieces. Medium length jackets they can pick to accentuate their style and flaunt the glamorous side. High waist jeans or pants do not make a good choice for these women as it can lead to the focus on the heavier side of the body, i.e. hip area. They may look bulkier in that. Rather, straight skirts in darker hues would offer a great choice, making them look beautiful and elegant.

Apple shaped body is yet another common body type. Women with such a body type are quite heavy in the middle. Therefore, they must remain very careful to make the right clothing choice. Flowing fabric provides them a better option as it would give a slimmer effect.Fitted waist cut dresses, tight pants, flashy tops and large belts can make them look ever heavier. In terms of accessories, long neck pieces look trendy and pretty on apple shaped women. Short jackets and horizontal lines would be a big fashion disaster. Instead, they should go with vertical lines to look thinner and smarter.

Willow or yardstick body type are commonly seen among fashion models. It is one of the most prevalent body shapes and you can now assure that it is depicted by extremely thin and slender appearance. For slim women, there are choices galore. Women with slim structure can wear almost anything and everything. Elegant floral prints, pleated skirts, tube dresses, short tops, ethnic dresses and everything else look simply pretty on them. However, they should preferably avoid wearing skin tight clothing to avoid looking extremely skinny.

There is one thing that women with all body shapes would agree on – they can find a huge collection of trendy clothing online. Stores like SWT16offer a variety of  in different prints, colors and designs to match all body shapes. No matter what body type, women can find fashionable dresses at various online stores.


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