Eco-Friendly Retro Fashion from The Yellow Peg

Eco-Friendly Retro Fashion from The Yellow Peg

Vintage Hollywood aesthetic is back in fashion and we are here for it. All of us are guilty of saving a cute vintage outfit inspiration on Pinterest but never being able to find our perfect fit in real life.

   But what if I tell you that you can find your favorite flared skirt, herringbone structured fingerless knitted gloves, knitted headband, or the cloche hats all at one site and that too made of eco-friendly resources?

    At The Yellow Peg, you can find everything vintage! Starting from the yellow jacket you’ve been eyeing on Instagram to the grey tie you think would go perfectly with your father’s new shirt.

     Yellow peg is an Italy (Verona) based clothing and accessory brand that makes eco-friendly vintage apparel. The fabrics are original, unique, and handmade. All the items hold the vintage aesthetic you’re looking for but have the specifications to suit your modern-day life. The fabric selection is inspired by sustainability, picking only 100% natural fabrics made in Italy caring for nature. And the garments are made with love and care to last forever.

     You can even pick your own style! The designs are inspired by the 40’s, ’50s, and 60’s. Everything ranging from a minimal top to a classic shirt is available here. You can choose your outfit based on your aesthetic. Whether you’re a romantic, a rock soul, a minimalist, they’ve got you cover!

Camicie vintage da Donna

Camicie vintage da Donna

The blouses, shirts, and tops include a collar on a V neckline, polka-dotted shirts, anise blouse, blouses with peter pan collar, mini button-up shirts, and many more!

Trousers da Donna

Trousers da Donna- These pants can flatter any silhouette! You can choose from high-waisted, cigarette pants, or even culotte pants. They’re usually made with 100% cotton, linen, or pure wool, depending upon the use.

Skirts a ruota

Skirts a ruota-   Remember the flared skirts you can pair with almost anything? Here you can find them with the retro elegance and modern twist. TYP clothing line includes the tulip skirt, the ginger skirt, even the basic circle skirt. Plus, they have pockets!

Dresses anni'50 fatti a mano

Dresses anni’50 fatti a mano– Are you even into retro fashion if you don’t obsess over the Kimono sleeves? At TYP clothing, you can find dresses with Kimono sleeves, Swing dresses, mini shirt dress with a sash belt, and even the elegant A-line dress with boat neckline!

Coats and jacketsThe recent Netflix shows have brought back Coats and jackets in fashion, and we aren’t complaining. You can pair them with almost anything and you immediately look more sophisticated, plus it keeps you wam, so it is a win-win.

Women's accessories

Women’s accessories- Ranging from cute woolen, knitted headbands to the 20’s cloche hats with a bow, TYP clothing has just what you need to complete your retro-inspired look!

Men's accessories

Men’s accessories– be it handmade ties or fingerless gloves and knitted brows, the men’s accessories section has everything you need to give your look the last touch of sophistication it needs.

So what’s stopping you from spotting an Audrey Hepburn look the next time you go out with friends and family? Shop your look and pair it up with your favorite shade of red lipstick, or go with minimal nude makeup, and you’re good to go!

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