The name garnet comes from the Latin word granatum, which generally means grain or seed. Garnet is actually January’s birthstone which links January to rich in colours. This stone comes with a 6.5 to 7.5 rating on Mohr’s scale. It is usually very durable and useful to revitalize the mind and spirit. Garnet is always in favour of royalty but it is also used by the common people.



Ancient Romans used garnet to seal their important documents by carving them in different shapes according to the shape of the document. Egyptians used red garnets as their necklaces. On Noah’s ark, garnet was the only source of light. Also, it helps to cure depression in middle age. It also used as a talisman against the devil, bad dreams, bad spirits, etc. This is why it is used to known as GEM OF FAITH.


There is a vast group of garnet varieties out of which there are 6 Main garnets which are as follows;

Almandine, pyrope, spessartine, andradite, grossular, and uvarovite.

Almandine comes in a red shade and is the most common gem garnet. Pyrope is inclusion-free and comes in red colour. Spessartine is a rare type of garnet that usually comes in a yellow-orange shade. Andradite displays a variety of colours like green, yellow, black, pink, brown, etc. Green andradite is extremely highly valued. Grossular has come with colourless which is its pure form. It can be mixed with impurities and have different colours which are commonly used in every jewellery shop. Uvarovite comes as small crystals in its pure form and exhibits green colour in nature.

6 Main garnets


The garnets are used to craft a wide range of jewellery from rings to necklaces. While buying the garnet jeweller you must consider “4c’s”-

Colour: colour is the most important feature of the garnet as it can available in almost any colour. The red is most efficient and popular colour and easily available. The green colour of the garnet is expensive and the blue one can’t affordable at all.

Cut:  the garnet can be cut into various shapes but round, oval, and cushion are the most popular ones.

Clarity: Garnets are prized and valued on the basis of their clarity and lustre.

Carat: the garnet stone is available in various weights and sizes. There are many garnets that are of large sizes but comes with very low prices. The value of some garnet is increased with their sizes if they are rare.

Garnet Jewellery

How to Look After Your Garnet Jewellery?

To maintain the glow and sparkle of your garnet jeweller, you have to take good care of them. Here are some points to remember-

  • Use warm water and a soft brush, recommended by the employer.
  • Avoid extreme heat.
  • Do not use steam and ultrasonic treatments.
  • Use the recommended box for storing your garnet jeweller to avoid any scratches.


If you don’t use the 4 c’s while buying a garnet you might end up getting a fake one. You must be knowing the difference between the real and fake garnet to avoid getting cheate. A real garnet shows the yellow and green rays which seem to be a rainbow when gets near to an eye. The real garnets are resistant to get scratches from sharp steel items but can scratch the steel as they have high hardness properties. You are not able to scratch quartz from garnet, this can be really helpful in finding the garnet is real or fake.

Do Garnets have any symbolic meanings?

Like most gemstones, garnets have also some symbolic meanings. Garnets shows the symbol of blood, inner fire and life force. Garnets are also popular between the lovers as it is use as a symbol of love. It is also a perfect symbol for non-romantic friendship.

According to the colours, red garnets are used as the symbol of blood, love and inner peace. They are usually exchange between the lovers as for their long relationship. The enhance the respect of the wearer and give them mental and inner peace.

Wrapping Up

Garnets are generally use as the symbol of love and inner peace. They are alternatives of rubies but have their own properties which are totally different from any ruby.

They occur in a wide range of colours as well as in the shape. They are values according to shapes and sizes and colours.

They are also affordable and are perfect gifts for newborn babies in January.


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