With the world under lockdown, everyone has been stressed. Along with this, more and more natural disaster around the world has added to our misery.

Spite this; let us celebrate Valentine We need to thank and embrace our loved ones for standing with us in such testing times. Let us take this opportunity to truly appreciate our loved ones and consider ourselves lucky as many have lost their lives.

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1.What I love about you – Fill-in Book

What I love about you - Fill-in Book

Available on Amazon for Rs259.00

This book will bring a massive smile to your boyfriend’s face. This gift will be cherished by him forever.  Those sweet little memories, those cute arguments, and the funny first moments will all get recalled by your boyfriend if you write it down for him. Refreshing memories will surely make your boyfriend nostalgic. In this diary, from secret jokes to the most loving features about him to the craziest experiences together should also be mentioned.

Through this diary, you can celebrate every moment of your life with him.

2.Letters to My Love Time Capsule

Letters to My Love Time Capsule

Available on Amazon for Rs649.00

Sometimes, life can become very hectic and, your boyfriend may get stressed about his work. His cold-hearted boss may give him too much work or, feel gloomy due to excess office-work.In such cases, the best way to cheer him up is to write beautiful love letters. The warmth and kindness of your love can help him a lot. Such love letters can be used to send to your boyfriend, who lives far far away.

Each of these letters has quoted. These quotes range from “When we first met..” to “I promise you…”.

3.101 More Conversation Starters For Couples (101 Conversation Starters)

101 Conversation Starters

Available on Amazon for Rs.643

You may have argued with your spouse. It may lead to a deadlock as both are silent, waiting for the other to start the conversation. Many times out of love, you want to say something but, you just can’t. You don’t have the words for it and don’t know how he could react.

What to say is the biggest question that comes to every spouse, after an argument. This book will surely help you. It has some fun ways to start a conversation with him. It will surely help you navigate through such situations without any hiccups.

4.The Bucket List: 1000 Adventures Big & Small

The Bucket List 1000 Adventures Big & Small

Available on Amazon for Rs.2,362

Life can become monotonous. Work, Home and repeat – This cycle can go on and on.

To make life exciting, the bucket list can be a specular gift for your boyfriend. Travel around the world to gyming goals or spending more time with him – you can write a range of activities.

You can elaborately write on how you plan to achieve goals or conduct activities to the dot.

It would inspire him and make him more energetic to do stuff with you, as a partner. Watching films every Friday night to going shopping once a month are some of the exciting stuff.

5. Date Nights at Home

Date Nights at Home

Available on Amazon

During the COVID19 crisis, many are suffering from financial distress. With so much stress due to uncertainty about the future, this book can be very beneficial.

Spend this valentine with him by having affordable but highly innovative date nights at home. No need to order food or go to a posh restaurant, this book has fifty-two different ideas on how you could have an exotic date night at home.

This book is very beneficial if your boyfriend remembers about your date night at the very last minute. The book consists of fun games and exciting themes

6.Love Coupons

Love Coupons

Available on Amazon for Rs500.00

An exotic way to celebrate your valentine with him is with these coupons. They help you to become the master for the day. These coupons could make you take control of him. It could prevent him from logging into his work, share quality time with you. The coupons act as an initiative for him to start giving you the attention and has the potential to spice things up.

It has a glossy paper which makes it very attractive and can get torn easily.

7. Bread in Breakfast

Bread in Breakfast

What can get served on the tray?

Omellete  (Eggs X2)

Bread       (Slice  X1)

Coffee      (Mug  X1)


The way to his heart is through his stomach. Surprise him with a bed in breakfast this valentine. Very convenient to make and add a romantic note, to make it more exciting.

The small romantic letter could have simple words like – Thank You or, I love you.

Life can be tiring and spring on your shoe to make him happy will be highly appreciated.


Make a video of all the memorable moments -pictures and videos. The first date to the time when you went to Goa or the first time you met his parents are some ideas for your video is some good ideas.

Few best video makers( free & online)



Documentary 2

9. Fifty Two Reasons Why I love you

Fifty Two Reasons Why I love you

Available on Amazon for Rs.483.00

Let him know, that you cherish him for what he is. This beautiful vase consists of 52 handmade scrolls. The sweetest and simplest way to express yourself to him.

For every argument to every disagreement, make sure he takes one scroll out from the jar.


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