How to wear a dress in winter, whatever your style is

How to wear a dress in winter, whatever your style is

no matter how many new types of crop tops, shorts, shirts, jeans, or skirts I buy, I always end up wearing a dress for special occasions. it’s just that everything else is comfortably casual but wearing a dress gives me a different jittery feeling. well, that is my personal opinion of course. but wearing dresses in winter is a whole different thing. like, in winters, I search the full information about the venue, before deciding what to wear.    

women and dresses are an unbreakable duo. dresses have been evolving in various styles for ages. from ankle length to mid-thighs, from accepted by so-called respectable society to breaking the beauty standards and obligations, from favorites of aunties and mothers to preferred by independent sisters and daughters, dresses have seen every face of fashion. dresses never paid any heed to barriers, so why should we? be it high or low, confident or pretty, summers or winters let’s dress like the queens we are and rule the world.

dressing in winter can be a challenge. but here are some of the cool options and easy hacks to keep yourself warm yet stylish this winter. so, before winter appears on our doorsteps, lets see how to wear a dress in winter, whatever your style is:

sweater dresses:

sweater dresses

now, i know all types of dresses are lovely. but sweater dresses! they are their own type of cute. the patterns, the colours, the comfort, and the look, everything is just an addition to your beauty. sweater dresses, of course, are dresses made up of thick fabric or better yet knitted like sweaters. these types of dresses are warm and comfortable and can be thigh high or knee-length. like all the other types of dresses turtleneck, neckline, boat neck, etc are some varieties in sweater dresses.

herringbone cape:

herringbone cape

                                capes are an option for jackets and coats over dresses, may those be for protection from cold or just because it looks good on your dress. capes are of various types like tying capes, button capes, buckle capes, capes from various fabrics, etc. herringbone pattern is a v-shaped weaving pattern, which gives the herringbone cloth an intricate weaved look. herringbone capes as the name suggests, are made up of herringbone cloth. these capes are generally found in dull colors like grey and brown, and gives your dress a vintage look. these cosy coats are one of the best options for women to defend themselves from the harsh winters and yet keep up with the style.



                                the cowl is snug hood of a jacket or a cloak but nowadays is referred to as one independently. it can be bought solely and worn on any suitable dress. the cowl keeps your necks warm and keeps you from catching up cold. there are even cowl dresses that are in the latest fashion. cowls have thick soft fabric and can be even knitted. cowl with whole garments accompanied by the sleeves and remaining garment, also termed as cowl, are supplementary to coats.

stocking and tights:

stocking and tights

                                when wearing a short skirt or a short dress in winter, it is necessary to take care that our legs do not end up as frozen sticks due to cold. thus, it is necessary to cover them along with being careful that it does not ruin our looks. stockings and tights help you by doing just that. stockings and tights are skin-tight garments. tights cover the body from waist to toes whereas the stockings may be from feet to knee or thigh. these are also worn on formal occasions. stocking and tights fit like second skin thereby not ruining the style or fashion of the dress. these are blessings in winters as wearing short dresses without stockings or tights is impossible.

over the knee boots (knee high boots):

over the knee boots (knee high boots

                                over knee boots are boots that cover your body up till your knees or thighs. these act as a shield from cold in winters. if not wanting to wear stockings or tights, knee-high boots could be your second option. they are trendy and fashionable. styling a beautiful short dress with a suitable pair of over-the-knee boots in winter can give you a sophisticated look.

winters can harsh, so it is always better to be shielded with scarves, gloves, and other warm suitable accessories going with your dress. coats or jackets are basics of winter wear. without those, stepping out of houses may act as a death wish. there are special dresses for every season. sundresses in summers, sweater dresses in winter, and many more. this blog won’t be enough to list those. so, every woman should take the advantage of the season and see this as a chance to wear their treasured outfits.

cowls, capes, tights, stockings, knee-high boots can enable you to put on your favorite dresses on your special occasions. if queens can put past the so-called obligations and dare to wear their choice, why should cold keep us from doing the same?


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