5 Best Winter Coats For All Occasions

5 Best Winter Coats For All Occasions

‘Wardrobe Essentials’, just the thought of it, brings numerous fancy and comfortable options in our mind, but one of the must-haves that strikes first is that winter coat that could go with almost every outfit. Be it that black dress that we throw up, on friday nights or that formal blue shirt, one that pleases our office sight, literally, that coat saves us everywhere. And in winters, not only it is important to look amazing, but health counts too, now how do we do that? Oh, honey, don’t worry we got you covered, here is the list of the best 5 winter coats that not only have your back in keeping you warm but also allow you to flaunt yourself on every occasion. Now, to have all the best coats might not be possible for all of us, yet if you have any one of the coats listed below, you’re already set to nail every look, on every occasion. Off you go –

  1. Belted Coats 
Belted Coats

Belts has always been considered the best way to flaunt your curves, using them with coats can never be an exception. It is one of the best ways to make your coat wearable for every occasion.

It not only looks classy but also adds on a bit of your kind personality, by changing the belt hooks. Like for example, a simple leather belt might give you a perfect street style look, while a fabric coated belt helps you restore the formality in your style. Seriously there are so many styles you can carry on with this coat.

Put on that formal dress or that shirt and pants with this classy coat, and you’re ready for work. Grab that pleated shimmer skirt with your favorite coat, off you go girl, to rock that party night!

  • Long Lengths 
Long Lengths

Honestly speaking, there is nothing so cool to match this style, this is that one winter coat that’s comfortable, stylish, versatile, and whatnot. You can easily hang around with this one at almost every place, workplace, shopping mall, street cafe, fancy restaurant and not to forget that romantic evening date. The best part about this jacket is that it goes with literally every outfit, Indian, western, indo-western, every type. It just adds on a little more class to any outfit that you put on, and what else do we seek?

  • Double Breasted Coats
Double Breasted Coats

Double-breasted are like an alternative for belted coats, these too help you flaunt your shape. The thing with belted kind or double-breasted coats is that it adds a little volume in your look and it is warm and comfortable too. While most people consider it just office wear, double-breasted coats with flared bottoms can serve as an informal, cute yet princess kind look. So this beautiful girly style coat can no doubt be a must-have for many wardrobes.

  • Faux Fur 
Faux Fur

‘Ruffles ruffles ruffles, fur fur fur, faux faux faux’, did it rhyme? Obviously not, but this amazing retro piece never loses its rhyme when it comes to warm, cozy and comfy demand. This winter coat is definitely the most trendy pick for all you chics, because why not, go pair it on with anything and you’re the boss, no doubt. And ‘ooh’ so warm, isn’t? 

  • Leather or Denim Jackets 
Leather or Denim Jackets

Ain’t nobody going to deny the fact that nothing beats leather or denim jackets in sassiness. It is bold, cool, comfortable, warm, smart, confident and the count goes on and on. There are more than hundreds of ways to wear these depending on occasions, we all are aware of it, aren’t we? The perks of having a leather or Denim Jacket is that it goes with any style and transforms it into a western twist. And honestly speaking, it often nails every outfit. 

Not only is this a must-have and is one of the best five winter coats but it is so versatile, that it can satisfy your summer look too.

Now coming to the end, there are more options one can explore depending on their own style, like long shrugs, overcoats, bomber coats (another amazing pick), trench rain coats and wrap coats (kind of belted coat).

Signing off with a final statement, no matter which of the above winter coats or styles you pick, be 100% sure that you’re nailing the look and staying your best self, because nobody looks better than you girl when you’re just being yourself. Hope you enjoyed reading, keep slaying! 


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