Reusable shopping bags are also known by the name of bags for life, or lifetime bags commonly in the United Kingdom. It is known as a bag for life because it can be reused multiple times. It is usually made from natural fibers such as jute or thick plastic which is more durable than disposable plastic bags, which gives you the leverage to use it multiple times. This type of bag is also a kind of carrier bag that is available for sale in supermarkets and apparel shops.It is considered an alternative to the dangerous single-use type of plastic bags.

Reusable shopping bags or carrier bags are mostly available in many of British supermarkets. It is available for a very minimal amount, usually, the charges would be 10 pence and can also be replaced free of cost. What makes reusable shopping bags different from the Spartan bags is that these bags are also very much attractive and also helps the owner in advertising their supermarkets and product with new creative designs to improve their sales and brand outreach. .The main reason to use sustainable shopping bas is to ensure that proper packaging as it helps in waste legislation which can help the people and also motivating them to use recycled bags more and more.

Waitrose-A prominent supermarket chain in Britain was the first one to launch bags for life in collaboration with British polythene industries.  It was the idea of Gini Einkestien from the British polyphone industries.

Nowadays, we can see that there is a rapid increase in the usage of Jute bags which is also available commonly in every supermarket. It has provided people with the alternative for plastic bags and reusable plastic bags. Over 50 million jute bags have been sold in supermarkets in the UK. Jute bags can be used 3-4 years easily and are also very much eco-friendly. Jute bags if used correctly can be used for a period of 4 years and replace over 600 single used bags. 

Some of the very famous Sustainable Shopping brands by top British Designers.

1. Stella McCartney

Cruelty free –No fur –No leather

Stella McCartney

Uses reengineered cashmere and ethically sourced wool. Best for ready-to-wear fashion for men and women, swimwear, sunglasses and bags. This brand has been changing its fashion quotient since its launch her first collection in the early 90s. They give the utmost importance to create some magical sustainable products for creating modern garments with the help of the best cutting-edge technologies. They are also members of ethical Trading initiatives. The brand is also very much careful with its selection of suppliers and many of them are small artisan in Europe.

2. Eileen Fisher

Eilen Fisher

They are disrupting the market with the aim of creating organic, recycled, and sustainable garments. They use recycled fabrics and natural dyes in production They collaborate with environmental conservation initiatives thereby supporting small artisan s and also empowering women through the Eileen Fisher Lead institute.

3. Mara Hoffman

Mara Hoffman

 Mara Hoffman is famous for their bold colors’ and draws their inspiration from women, Mara Hoffman is a brand name which uses different sustainable fabrics industries econcyl and repaves swimwear life which is made from nylon fiber generated from waste and polyester fiber made from recycled plastics.

4. Doen

It is an online business cum boutique run by Los Angeles-based women. Each of their designs comes up with a unique story and is a tribute to the homage of old women of past decades. They give due importance t sustainability and produce their products domestically helping the small artisans also and using eco-friendly products.

5. Rag and Bone

It was started by Marcus Wainwright (who is now the sole owner) and Nathan Bogle in 2002, Rag & Bone is a luxury label chain that is as much passionate about redefining urban style as it is about sustainability and producing products locally.

The need of Sustainable Fashion

Lastly, it is very important t know and assess that why sustainable fashion should be the new trend and it should be followed in every major brand, and how it can impact our society as a whole. Creating something different which has revenue and profitable aspect but also has an eco-friendly version attached to it makes sustainable fashion movement different from others as it is beneficial for the society too. There are different reasons associated with it, increasing the value of localized production and products and prolonged use of recycled products, and reducing the amount o waste. It also helps in educating and making the people aware of the need to be sustainable and encouraging them to use eco-friendly products and thereby making them become green consumers.


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