14 Best Ethical Fashion Brands

14 Best Ethical Fashion Brands

“Every time you spend money, you’re casting a vote for the kind of world you want “

The quote by Anna Lappe says more than you know about ethical fashion. Ethical fashion stands for sustainable development of products without harming any natural habitat with fair pricing. It is basically produced on moral standards. 

We purchase apparel, most of the time we don’t speculate about where they arrive from or how they are manufactured, yet the result of our investments implicates many individuals, frequently animals, and invariably our atmosphere as a whole. Living during a covid situation made us realise the impact of our activities on the environment and how nature is involved in everything. So, it is the need of the present time to focus more on activities and make the world more suitable for everyone. Ethical Fashion comes with a solution to this problem in the field of the fashion Industry. There are so many international as well as Indian ethical brand which is providing ethically made clothing. 

Even though fast fashion is in demand, yet there are some hands in making the world of fashion cruelty-free with fair trading. This article going to list out seven international and seven Indian ethical Fashion Brands. 

International Ethical Fashion Brands 

International Ethical Fashion Brands
  1. First in the list of best International Ethical fashion Brands comes is Thought,  as the name suggests itself, they thought about eco-friendly clothing. They begin this clothing brand from their love for natural and sustainable fabric. It is an independent brand in the list of ethical fashion and grows from Sydney to Europe to the United Kingdom to the rest of the world. They use natural fabric made from bamboo, hemp and organic cotton. They believe that clothing should not harm anyone and fit to everyone to roam around.
  • Tonle, Tonle is all about  “creating a purposeful future for fashion; one that is restorative, regenerative and just”. They believe in the core value of honesty, inclusivity and reciprocity. The idea of sustainable zero waste production makes it eco-friendly. Their vision reflects a fashion industry where everyone benefits; planet and human.
  • People Tree is a pioneer of sustainable development of clothing without harming any animal or a human with fair trading. The company was started by Safia Minne in 1991. It is the first fashion company that has been awarded the World Fair Trade Organisation product label. They believe in fair trading as well as eco-friendly production of clothing to fit human as well as the environment. 
  • Boden with its eco-friendly production of clothing also helps in the community while giving one pound on every purchase to change a girl life campaign. They believe in the ideology of care, repair and rewear. They spread awareness about wearing clothes with 365 days guarantee. 
  • Kotn, another big name in the market of ethical fashion brand. Their mission is to set the standard for conscious creation and consumption. Developing products around the principles of considered design, relentless quality, honest value, and positive impact—for our people, and our planet.
  • Pact Clothing is all about fair trading and the production of clothing with organic cotton. Their mission is to build Earth’s Favourite Clothing Company with organic fibre and cotton. Forbes calls the pact as “ sustainable environmental friendly clothing manufacturer” and that sum up the whole for Pact clothing. 
  • Patagonia, last but not the least in us Patagonia who was the early saviour of the environment from the fast fashion industry. They were also the first who started using organic fibre and cotton and started recycling material. The world appreciates Patagonia effort in making the world more beautiful with its first step toward a better fashion industry. 

Indian Ethical Fashion Brand 

  1. Rengè bring together their love for fashions well as for the welfare of street animals. They follow strict social as well as environmental standard to meet the needs of women clothing with zero harm to nature and animals. Renge started in February 2016 with a mission of manufacturing clothes with thought, compassion and honesty.


  • Maati is an Indian ethical fashion brand that supports the sustainable development of clothing with traditional Indian printing techniques. The dye and colour are taken from natural things without harming anyone. It was founded by Neha Kabra who showcase the works of Rajasthan to the world fashion industry.
  • No Nasties is Goa’s first ethical fashion brand that cares for the planet and everyone on it. For the sustainable development of clothing, they use the organic, vegan and carbon-free technique in manufacturing. They believe in fair trading and support eco-friendly production of clothing. They do not support the use of plastic and 100% PETA certified brand in the list. 
Indian Ethical Fashion Brand
  • Hoomanwear  India’s first – and perhaps only – casual wear brand. It donates over 30% of all profits to organisations involved in important work. Founder Harshil Vora is a passionate vegan, and all their t-shirts, crop tops and hoodies are plant-based; made with less than 5% synthetic fibre and customisable with different vibes. They believe in zero waste idea and use authorised sustainable inks, are free of animal cruelty  and delivered in recycled pizza boxes or cloth bags to protect the environment 
  • Ka Sha , founded by Karishma Sahani Khan. She established a collection with creative use of plastics sacks, old chandeliers and second-hand sneakers. Her brand explores natural and innate fabrics and works near craftsperson across the region. Her zero waste “Heart to Haat” collection concentrates on up-cycling excluded clothing.
  • Himalayan Bloom, began by Pratibha Krishnaiah. she stays in the remote village of Kheti Khan, and started Himalayan Blooms – a social business that strives to establish financial liberty for regional women. By using acrylic yarn and organic cotton (no wool), they hand-knit the most gorgeous ponchos, sweaters, scarfs and neck warmers – available for India wide delivery right from the heart of the Himalayas.
  • Kosha, established by Yuktie Jhangiani Verma, Kosha is a genuinely groundbreaking local winter-wear brand, in light of the standards of moderate design, careful travel and supportability. Kosha’s creature cordial #NoLeatherNoFeather range highlights natural bamboo cotton (produced using bamboo fibre ) sweatshirts and joggers, and parkas, coats and pullovers liberated from fleece and down quills – that can support temperatures up to – 20 degrees. Dissimilar to many quick design marks that need garments to be continually supplanted, Kosha highly esteems sturdy apparel and offers a mechanics shop to repair tears, zippers and hoods! Scrap texture, reusable boxes and drawstring rucksacks are utilised for bundling and delivery 

The article short listed some of the famous and on growing brands both international and in the Indian ethical fashion market. Their small initiative could bring a big change in the fashion industry. Thanks to these companies we wear what actually suits not only us but on the environment as well. 


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