Cozy Wools To Comfy Cools

Cozy Wools To Comfy Cools

Well, now that the sun’s finally making itself known to us, it’s time to update wardrobe and switch from heavy coats to light cardigans. This is my favorite time of the year when I finally get to wear the super awesome combinations of my outfits. So, let’s see some pretty cool and casual outfits to take you from winter to spring without having the confusion of what to wear.

  • Wide Leg Pants:
Wide Leg Pants

As much love as the high-waist pants receive from everyone, they cannot be as comfortable as wide-leg pants. The wide-leg pants allow easy motion. The wide-leg pants can be styled with loose as well as fitted tops along with coats, jackets, and cardigans. Although the crop tops are the best option to pair with these types of pants, even the shirts, ruffled sleeved tops and simple tees can be opted for a simple look along with plain sandals or boots.

  • Shirtdress:

The shirt dresses are like the most informal formal outfits I know of. Like shirt dresses can give you a last-minute professional look. As said before these can be worn as formal as well as informal outfits. Pairing a shirt dress with a pair of combat boots or a pair of stilettos can give a bold and elegant look. Shirt dresses can be what you say the perfect spring outfit, in this changing climate.

  • Embroidered jacket:
Embroidered jacket

Jackets can never go out of style. Embroidered jackets are jackets with a machine or hand embroidery. These jackets can be styled with plain tops as well as fitted or loose bottom wears. The embroidered jacket gives you a stylish ethnic look and makes you stand out of the crowd. It can be used as casual wear. The embroidered jacket can be a lifesaver when you cannot decide what to wear, as it is casual wear and is suitable wear for any occasion.

  • Crochet outfits:
Crochet outfits

Crochet outfits are knitted outfits by using the crochet hook technique to interlock loops of yarn, thread, or any other material. Crochet outfits include skirts, tops, jackets, and pants. Crochet outfits can be suitable for humid as well chilly weather. These cute outfits can be paired with fitted jeans or short skirts along with casual golden accessories.

  • Ruffled Skirts:
Ruffled Skirts

Ruffled skirts are skirts that are plaited at the waist and go all the way down to their hem. Ruffled skirts are slim at the waist and fall loose at the hem. These skirts give you a pretty simple look. Ruffled skirts can be paired with shirts or tops along with heels or ballerinas.

Spring dress

A spring dress comes in various patterns like a ruffled dress, plain dress, short dress, midi, etc. They are also printed in various designs like floral print, multi-print, animal print, tie-dye, polka dots, etc. These dresses can also be paired with denim or any other type of jacket and coat.

  • Puff Sleeved Tops:
Puff Sleeved Tops

Puff-sleeved tops are back in fashion. These tops have bulgy and loose sleeves generally plaited at the shoulder. These types of tops can be paired with pants, skirts or any other suitable bottom wears. Puffed sleeved tops can be used as formal as well as informal outfits .

  • Short dresses/skirts with stockings/ tights:
Short dresses skirts with stockings tights

Short dresses or skirts can be worn with stockings or tights. Stocking and tights cover your legs from waist/ thigh to toes. If the weather is uncertain, wearing tight/stockings can be useful to protect your legs from chilling up or to give your outfit a formal touch. You can complete this look with a nice pair of leather boots.

  • Cardigans:

Cardigans can be a pretty addition to any outfit. From simple shirts to dress, it gives you a cozy and comfortable vibe. Cardigans are thin, unlike sweaters. There are many types of cardigans like front open, slip-on head, etc. Even cardigan tops are available nowadays. which are like fitted cardigans. Cardigans can be freely styled with any other suitable garments.

  • Paired outfits:
Paired outfits

Paired outfits are quite a in trend nowadays. It can in any pattern like a pant-suit, skirt-jacket, etc. These outfits can give a bold and formal look. Any contrast shade can be worn with these paired outfits. You should have at least one paired outfit in your wardrobe.


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