Fresh Wedding Trends!

Fresh Wedding Trends!

Weddings are the biggest and brightest days of one’s life. As much important as the person is, with whom they want to spend their whole life the holy day of their matrimony is equally important. Some people start planning their wedding even before finding their life partners. Weddings, right from ages have been grand celebrations of the union of two souls who promise to spend their entire lives together. On this auspicious day, some might want to fulfil their fantasies and make this day more interesting. Weddings are generally once in a lifetime event, so people like to make all their wishes come true without the slightest of complications.

Here are some wedding trends of the year to help you plan your special day and fantasize about it until the big day comes:

  • Wedding cakes:
Wedding cakes

Wedding cakes are given more importance these days than any other type of dessert in the wedding. Many people like to have large wedding cakes with unique and aesthetic designs. They are particular about the bakes to which they are going to give the orders so that they have their perfect cake. These cakes are tall and are generally white in colour but colour can vary. They have flowers and intricate carvings on them. These cakes are cut by the bride and groom in the ceremony and later distributed as dessert for the attendees.

  • Theme Weddings:
Theme Weddings

Theme weddings are trending among young couples. Wedding centralized on a story, serial, movie or book is organised by keeping in mind every detail about the theme. Theme weddings also are based on colours, flowers, or genres. The unique ideas in regard with every aspect of the factor in weddings like food, decoration, apparels, etc make the day more interesting and unforgettable for not only the couple but also for those who are a part of it.

  • Beach Weddings:
Beach Weddings

Beach vibes hit different when with a loved one. How about making it the venue for the wedding. Beach weddings are the coolest weddings. Weddings are held on sea shores to let the couple, as well as guests, enjoy the venue. Although beach destination weddings could be quite tricky to organize, the efforts are all worth it.

  • Invitation Cards and Hampers:
Invitation Cards and Hampers

Wedding invitations these days are not, just a card with the details of the wedding, they are representative of the families. Families tend to invite people to weddings by giving the invitations gift hampers which consists of chocolates, fruits and other gifts. These hampers are cute and beautiful.

  • Green weddings:
Green weddings

Like flowers, plants to have become a huge part of the decoration of the weddings. Right from creepers to cacti, many types of plants are used to decorate the venues of weddings and has been increasing day by day. The potted plants bring a natural and cool vibe to celebrations.

  • Attires:

            The attires of bridesmaid and groomsmen are as important as those of bride and groom. Bridesmaid and groomsmen are generally dressed in parallel attires as those of the bride and groom respectively. Wearing different shades of the same colour for groomsmen and bridesmaids is trending in weddings.

  • Non-traditional:

The bride are preferring non-traditional attires for their weddings. Dresses of other colours than white or better yet brides in tuxedos are a sight for sore eyes. Brides want their dresses and veils to be made in different patterns and styles. This is being appreciated largely and a lot of brides are going for non-traditional wears.

  • Photography Backdrops:
Photography Backdrops

Photos have become a major part of people’s lives in this technological world. Sharing them with families and posting them on social media is a normal thing if you attend any event or do anything out of normal in your daily life. That is why event organizers add a backdrop like a flower wall or fairy-lights decoration in events which give people a beautiful background for their selfies or photos.

Weddings, with whatever budget, decorations or apparel, are beautiful and dreamy. Even a simple traditional wedding is stunning as long as the married couple is happy. Weddings nowadays are the fantasies come true. It depends on the ideas of the couple. Many weddings are organised by event organisers according to the desires of the couple.


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