Explore The Creative Possibilities oF The Half Sarees With Stylistmyntra

Explore The Creative Possibilities oF The Half Sarees With Stylistmyntra

Half sarees are a modern invention of a new pattern for sarees where the pleats section has a contrasting color compared to the other sections of the saree. To put it in simple words, the pallu or the section that is turned around the waist and leftover the shoulders has one color while the pleats section from the waist to the ankles has another shade of color. This provides a necessary contrast that is the highlight of this kind of saree. The vibrancy that exudes due to the use of various colors makes these sarees so popular. You can get classic combinations like red and black, blue and gold, red and gold, white and red, or also try creative shade combinations like peach and silver, pink and black, or yellow and pink. They are the ones in vogue right now and hundreds of women buy designer half sarees these days to keep up to the leading fashion trends.

Fashion designers love to lay their hands upon sarees as it gives them ample opportunities and creative freedom to explore. Experimentations with colors, patterns, and prints have given rise to the radiant half sarees. Sometimes, patterns are contrasted instead of colors to give a different look to the saree. For instance, the pallu of the saree can be of a solid, bright shade like blue or yellow while the section where you pleat the saree can have some pattern like polka dots or brush strokes instead of being plain. Similarly, it can also go the other way round where the solid color section and the patterned section is alternated. Such experiments with the saree keep the tradition and culture alive. It also shifts the boundaries of the popularity of Indian fashion even higher.

Since the pattern of half sarees is trending these days, various fabrics and popular kinds of sarees are being woven in the half and half pattern. Even the gorgeous Benarasi sarees made out of silk or brocade with fine, intricate zari work are being tried out in this pattern. Do not be surprised if you spot an enthralling Benarasi or Paithani or Kanjeevaram in vibrant half and half shades at a store nearby. The online collection from sites like Stylistmyntra will expose you to a world of sarees for online shopping half sarees. The wide availability of various types of half sarees in a plethora of fabrics like cotton, chanderi, silk, georgette, brocade, velvet, etc. gives you enough reasons why you should buy half saree online. So keep experimenting with tradition and fashion and buy half sarees online India from Stylistmyntra.

About Stylistmyntra: Stylistmyntra is a shopping destination for saree lovers. It has a sprawling collection of women’s fashion and coming to sarees, the collection is wide and awesome. Starting from various kinds of popular sarees to the newest trends like half sarees, you can get everything easily. Here you can choose the saree you like, go through its details about the fabric, work, length of blouse piece, etc., and even zoom in on the designs to have a better view. The items you choose to buy will be delivered at your doorstep by Stylistmyntra with utmost care.


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