Sweep Away Praises With Floor-Length Anarkalis

Sweep Away Praises With Floor-Length Anarkalis

The latest fashionable item in tissle town is floor-length anarkali suits. Now what exactly describes a floor length anarkali? Usually, Anarkalis are tight near the bosom and thereafter it flares out like a skirt till the knees or even below floor length. The latest floor-length designs have the hemline of the anarkali extending even below and kissing the ground. It resembles those old European gowns that used to be tight near the chest and then flared out hugely to give a voluminous look. The only difference is those were gowns and these are salwar suits even though they resemble the former in appearance. These are worn along with the churidar and dupatta and often have heavy embroidery. The look is so royal and enchanting of Anarkali that every woman loves to flaunt the gown like Anarkalis that look absolutely breath taking.

Most women these days prefer wearing an anarkali to weddings and parties. Even Bollywood celebs can be seen in flawless anarkalis and that has increased its popularity even more among the masses. Another added point is that though anarkalis are replete with grandeur, magnificence and opulence, they are quite hassle-free and time saving as compared to tucking a saree. Moreover, the rich fabric being enriched with intricate embroideries makes them so tempting. So if you are an party animal you must try anarkalis to raise the oomph factor and look sensuous with a figure flattering anarkali.

What is particularly fascinating about floor-length anarkali is that it gives a perfectly slender silhouette to the person wearing it. It also hides any kind of flaws of the figure by enveloping the body so gracefully in those long, flowing fabrics. The well-fitted portion of the bodice with a well defined neckline accentuates the features of the body. For instance, if there is a sweetheart neckline or deep, round neckline, it immediately gives the impression of a longer neck. If you have well-toned arms, you can also go for a sleeveless anarkali, without much of accessorizing. The ghagra-like portion of the pleated, flared section gives a regal charm and a bridal attitude. It has the classiness of the gown, the comfort of the salwar kameez and the resplendence of the Mughal era, all fused into one.

Floor-length anarkalis have been rocking the ramp too. Deisgners like Manish Malhotra, Anushree Reddy, Abu Jani and others have been known for crafting gorgeous anarkalis for the ramps. The recent Lakme Fashion Week too witnessed many designs of designer long anarkali dress. Designer Anju Modi especially floored everyone with her collection of anarkalis. For instance, she experimented with various fabrics like jaamewar instead of the usual georgette and net. These outstanding creations have coaxed women into purchasing Indian Bollywood anarkali suits. You can even buy long anarkali online india. Going through the online collection you can come across various designs of anarkalis itself. While some are highly flared like the ball gowns, some are straight in shape though with a lot of pleats gathering at the feet, and some even have layers of fabrics cascading down till the feet.

There are also various neck designs and each gives a different attitude. The high-neck floor-length anarkalis have a coat-like feel and the dupatta in that case can be skipped. Buy anarkali suits online and wear them with elan to parties and functions and carry yourself in a regal attitude like never before. And if you are not blessed with a naturally tall frame, let your high heels now do the trick under the folds of the anarkali.


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