You’re Spoilt For Choice With A Wide Collection OF Fabrics IN Sarees

When it comes to sarees, there’s always an over-abundance of choice, especially in online stores like You can buy the best designer sarees online. There are different colours, patterns, and even different drapes, with the advent of the half-stitched sarees. However, it’s the fabric that’s the most important part of the equation. Each fabric gives off a different feel; it fits around the body differently and can make or break a look.

Here’s a list of some fabrics that are popular and examples of just how gorgeous they can be!

Art silk, as it Artificial Silk, is a synthetic fabric the recreates the look of silk but is much less expensive. This particular number has a subdued grandeur about it, the combination of ink-blue and pale gold giving it a rich but still sophisticated look. Art silk is particularly popular when people search for online sarees for women.

There are, of course, many types and styles of silk sarees available and this one, in particular, is Bhagalpuri silk from Bihar. The cool turquoise flowing through jet-black gives this saree an edgy and modern look. Bronze zari-work adds just a touch of tradition to it.

Chiffon is a translucent fabric that it light and flowing. It drapes close to the body and has a matt like a tone to it. This particular saree with its cream, pale orange, and green combination is an excellent example of how chiffon suits any sense of style.

One can’t say enough about cotton! Its light, the cool fabric is excellent for formal occasions and to wear to the office. Cotton sarees always exude a sense of calm and humbleness along with restrained elegance. Combine that with a bold blue and brown geometric design, and you have a truly unique piece.

Crepe is a mixture of silk and wool which is sheer and has a beautiful tone and drape. This particular saree may look plain but it exemplifies what crepe is all about! The shimmer almost hidden in the beige gives this saree a regal look and the black and orange is just enough to make it pop!

Like crepe, Georgette is made with silk but the matt-finish of this fabric just adds to the sophistication. This salmon-colored beauty with the pale silver border is wonderful on darker skin tones, its simplicity emphasizing on its elegance. This fabric makes for the best designer sarees.

The contrast that Jacquard weaving creates with its patches of shimmer and shine is wonderfully ornate. And this saree just showcases that. The jewel-toned orange is contrasted with just enough cream and pink to make this saree gorgeous but not gaudy.

This light, the breathable natural fabric has a very different look altogether. This saree shows just how sophisticated yet earthly and pretty linen can be. The pale pink with white and gold details just make this garment unique.

Net can be a but gaudy and overdone if not carefully handled, but sometimes it can turn into a piece of art. His particular beige number is the epitome of elegance and class. This saree shows net used to the best advantage!

This semi-synthetic fabric gives a rich, grand sheen to the saree. This particular number is a great example of traditional elegance, the orange, pink gold, and black showcasing pure Indian taste.


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