Choosing The Best Shirt For Your Body Type

Tent-like, ill-fitted shirts are big fashion blunders that men should always avoid. If you want to show off your charm and personality, pick a shirt that complements your body type and persona. And, making that perfect choice shouldn’t be a difficult job. Here’s how to get started:

Your shirt’s fit

While it is important to pick the right shirt for your body type, it is crucial to first understand how it should fit your body. You may be tall, short, broad or thin, and need to choose a formal or casual shirt accordingly.

What should be called a perfect shirt?

It should have following:

Chest- It should offer the full range of motion around your chest, across back and under the armpit. It should be snag, not tight.

Shoulders- Point where the shirt attached to the body should not pull or billow.

Collar – It should be like you can button it easily – comfortable, but not like hanging. Collar should be stitched as if you can slide your two fingers easily, not more, not less.

Adjustable – Waist and arms should not be hanging too low. It looks awkward. A tight body-hugging fit is not necessary; the shirt should feel comfortable and allow complete body movement.

Shirts for skinny men

Men who are slim should avoid wearing regular fit shirts as it will leave looking shapeless. No worries, there are smart options out there for skinny men. Choose slim fitted shirts that taper in at the waist. Slim fit shirts are designed taking your body into consideration – they complement your narrow waist while staying comfortably fit around shoulders and torso.

Shirts for bigger men

Even if you are carrying some extra weight, you should find clothes that fit your body. Do not try to hide your bulges in shapeless clothes that look more like bags. Ill-fitted, baggy shirts will actually make you look bigger and bulkier. Even too tight shirts will highlight your problem areas. Go for regular fit that is lengthy enough to hide your curve, but not too baggy around your chest and stomach. Instead of choosing a see through fabric, choose a thicker material that makes you feel supported. Above all, it should allow you freedom of movement.

Shirts for shorter men

For shorter men, making a right choice can be a little tricky. They need to look something that looks right and gives an illusion of length while giving a streamline look to your outfit. Well-fitted shirts in vertical stripes would make the right choice. A custom-made shirt would make the best choice.

The same rule applies to formal shirts as well. Keep the aforementioned things in mind when looking for the right clothing for you. Just pay attention to the fit, and do not shy away from experimenting with colors. For some stylish options, you can also consider exploring brands like Balkin Fashionand their latest men’s shirts collection.

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