Important tip for pre bridal glow

Important tips For Pre-bridal Glow

Important tips For Pre-bridal Glow

So, don’t forget the importance of bridal skincare and the time it takes for your skin to actually start showing results. Starting early is crucial and we strongly recommend that you start getting serious about bridal skincare months before the wedding day.We know how busy you are with organizing the wedding, so we won’t ask you to make radical changes. Simple adjustments to your daily lifestyle and beauty regime will get you that special glow.Wedding preparation for the bride is incomplete without following these basic pre-bridal tips for beauty. So, let’s get started!BRIDAL MAKEUP CARE BEFORE ONE YEAR OF MARRIAGEAre you thinking that one year prior to the wedding is too early to start prepping your skin?Then, you’re wrong. Certain skin conditions like dry patches, tanning, and pigmentation take a long time to be completely treated.1. START GETTING REGULAR BODY MASSAGESThe ancient science of Ayurveda emphasized the importance of body massages with treatment oils to treat skin problems. Oil massages are a great way to provide nourishment to the skin and provide deep relaxation.You can use special 100% natural Ayurvedic treatment oils for treating skin issues like tanning and hyperpigmentation. Such treatments have special importance in Indian bridal preparation before marriageBRIDAL CARE BEFORE 6 MONTHS OF MARRIAGESix months before the wedding is a relatively less stressful time and you can make time for healthy habits and lifestyle. Here’re a few things that you can get started with to bring out your natural bridal beauty.2. START FOLLOWING A HEALTHY DIETIt’s no mystery that whatever you eat reflects on your skin.Therefore, our first pre-bridal tip isn’t about following any elaborate bridal skincare routine but about identifying the right diet for you. You may consult a dietician to chalk out a personalized diet plan for you.We strongly recommend slowly eliminating sugar and carbs from your diet. Avoid munching on junks like chips, chocolates, ice creams, or sodas as they are the first to cause bloating and skin breakouts. Instead, start following a balanced diet consisting of fruits, green vegetables, and protein.Start sipping on hydrating liquids like coconut water and lime water. Also, consider including green tea in your diet for a healthy dose of anti-oxidants.Pro tip – Avoid making any drastic changes to your diet for losing weight. Often, such crash diets backfire and you end up gaining extra weight. Remember that the idea is not to starve yourself but to give your body all the nutrition it needs while cutting out on the junk.3. START GETTING FACIALS6 months before the wedding is a good time to start getting monthly facials.Always get your salon professional to patch test the products before using them on your face. If there are any specific skin issues that you want them to address, speak to them prior to the facial so that they can recommend the right products for youFacials provide deep cleansing and hydration that preps your skin better for makeup.Pro Tip – Starting early with facials helps in identifying the right salon professional for you. You wouldn’t want someone new to treat your skin days before the wedding. So, getting someone to understand your skin early enough ensures that you’ve plenty of time to address any skin issues that might turn up.4. GET PLENTY OF GOOD QUALITY SLEEPThe last thing you want around your wedding day is dark circles around your eyes. Hence, we recommend you to get into the habit of sleeping about 8 to 10 hours every night.Trust us when we say that sleep is everything! When do you think all the regeneration and creation of cells and body tissues happens? It’s when we’re sound asleep. Not only this, but the relaxed breathing state during sleep also calms our central nervous system and reduces stress.So, don’t underestimate the importance of good sleep for the health of your skin and your mind.BRIDAL CARE BEFORE 3 MONTHS OF MARRIAGEWe has talked about how important it’s to get started early. Here, are a few pre-bridal tips that you should start at least before 3 months of marriage5. DOUBLE CLEANSE AT NIGHTPre-wedding skincare at home starts with daily cleansing!With all the dirt and pollution, your skin has to endure all day, make sure you take your skin cleansing extra seriously. Use an all-natural makeup remover, loaded with natural butter and oils, that are gentle but deeply clean any dirt and makeup from your skin pores.Follow up with foaming cleansers that are not harsh on your skin and leave it nourished and hydrated.If you can make time for it, you should perform a complete clean up of your face at least once a week for your Pre Bridal Makeup Service6. GO ALL NATURAL TO DETOX YOUR SKINThree months before the wedding, stop using any products that contain harsh chemicals. Switch to natural products that don’t cause any harm to the skin. This detox will be extremely beneficial for you.7. START PRACTICING YOGAIt’s a well-known fact that sweating makes your skin glow and is great for bridal skincare. Ayurveda’s sister science, yoga recommends asanas that make you perspire, tone your body, and improve blood circulation. It’s no surprise then that it’s one of the most followed beauty tips for a bride.Meditation helps reduce stress levels and build mental strength. Practicing a combination of yoga and meditation during these hectic, fast-paced days will make the run-up to your wedding enjoyable and give you flawless skin.Pro tip from the best pre-bridal makeup services salon in Lucknow– Identify the areas in your body where you need toning and focus on the asanas that help you reduce fat around those areas. Also, remember to massage your body with rich body butter to avoid getting stretch marks from losing fat


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