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How to Dress Your Baby in the First Year of Life

How to Dress Your Baby in the First Year of Life

Due to lack of experience, many new moms will make a mistake when choosing wholesale baby clothes for unborn babies, i.e. pick out and buy good-looking clothes for babies. Actually the clothes for newborn babies can be not goog-looking, but the quality must be good. Then what types of clothing can you dress your baby in the first year of life, just let me, an experienced mom, tell you below.

  1. Bodysuits

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    Bodysuits can be said to be the standard equipment of every newborn. Its name is directly called body, just like growing with the body, it is both close and comfortable.kiskissing wholesale baby girl ruffle knit suspender bodysuit

    The baby wears a bodysuit, so you don’t have to be worried about showing your belly, and it will also play a role in fixing diapers. If you wear pants or jumpsuits outside, you don’t have to worry about diapers dangling inside. The fart romper can be worn until the baby is diapered. In summer, you can choose short-sleeved or sleeveless single-wear. In autumn and winter, it can be used as a base, and the outside is like an onion-layer by layer, so that clothes can be added or removed at any time according to temperature changes. The baby’s bodysuits can be worn until one and a half years old. In summer, he starts to change into split short sleeves. In winter, he occasionally wears a full-length romper until he starts to go to the toilet by himself.
  2. Jumpsuits

    kiskissing wholesale infant boy gentleman bow decor stripe jumpsuit

    Adopt the onion-style dressing rule for newborns. If a full-length romper is enough, there is no need to wear other clothes outside. If it feels a little bit cold, then the second layer of non-all-overs is the one.

    kiskissing wholesale baby boy fake two pieces plaid british jumpsuit

    Jumpsuit is relatively loose and does not restrict newborns. And compared to split clothes, Jumpsuit will fit the baby’s body more closely, no matter if you pick up or put it down, you don’t have to worry too much about the clothes getting wrinkled or the clothes go up to reveal your belly. Jumpsuit has covered feet or bare feet. My personal experience is to wear socks for small months, and bare feet for older months to facilitate activities. When I was a child, I could buy the covered feet. At about half a year old, there are a few that are suitable for wearing. We can directly cut the covered feet into bare feet for a period of time. Except for the hot summer, jumpsuits are basically necessary clothes for babies before the age of six months. Even if the baby is already able to crawl, it will not affect the movement. If you can stand and walk, you usually don’t wear it.

  3. Suits

    kiskissing wholesale 2-pieces infant toddler tie dye set hooded sweatshirt sweatpants

    When the baby learns to stand and learn to walk, it is time to say goodbye to the jumpsuits and welcome the split suits. After all, it is flexible and convenient to move around. It is suggested that there is an overstepping in the middle. At the beginning, you should continue to wear a full-length romper and cotton pants on the lower body. If you want, this combination can be worn until the diaper is wet. The main purpose is to protect the belly.



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