Half Sarees – This Season’s Trend

Traditional Indian clothes have made a comeback. From the runways in Paris to the red carpets of Bollywood, it’s the time for traditional clothes to shine. Indian designers have been paying close attention to mot ethnic wear, especially to sarees. Designers often attempt to emphasize how the right drape and right design can highlight the sensuality and beauty of the wearer. While multiple forms of sarees are gaining international acclaim in the fashion world, the one that most people prefer is the half-saree.

A long, flowing skirt with a translucent dupatta, and a blouse. This is the humble origin of the half-saree trend that has taken over India this festive season. A style that began in South India, it has taken a life of its own and become a popularized trend along the way. In that process, a confusion was created with the emergence of the lehenga saree. It’s crucial to remember the difference between these two is that the lehenga saree is pleated while the half saree has no pleats.

India’s fashionistas often rely on Bollywood to guide the path of new trends and this is true for the half saree as well. This style has taken the red carpet by storm, and it should come of no surprise that many fashion forward people are now looking to buy Bollywood sarees. They look to the stars they idolize and imitate their fashion sense both on and off the red carpet. This has lead to many boutiques creating replicas of Bollywood sarees with their own little creative spins to make it more customizable for those who wish to wear them. The best of the country aren’t far behind on this market, though.

The existence of these boutiques doesn’t take away from the creme de la creme of our country. The top designers often have many lines that are available for the average Indian in all their designs and half sarees are no exception. Often, the best designer sarees, especially the half-sarees are heavily embellished with mirrors, intricate embroidery, scintillating shimmers, and heavy borders. Aimed for weddings, festivals, and parties, this daily South Indian wear has been refurbished to meet the expectations and boundaries of the youth today.

The half-saree was considered to be the stepping stone between the skirt and blouse combination that young girls wear in South India and the Saree worn by women. As such, this is a style that is easy and comfortable, allowing for a lot of movement. Often made for young adults, the highlight of the half-saree is the dupatta and that is often of a contrasting colour to the skirt and blouse. The dupatta often has delicate patterns stitched on it to give that little extra ‘oomph-factor’. Sometimes, the highlight is the skirt, in which the dupatta is still of a contrasting colour, but plain while the skirt will have some amount of sophisticated patterns woven into it.

These sarees are not just in the vogue now, they are also something easy to wear. For all those who want to look poised, graceful, and elegant this festive season, go for the classic, or even the embellished, half-sarees. Getting it is made even easier as many websites now carry the latest trends in this style as well. So all you need to do is do some half saree online shopping, select your favorite color, material, and style, and wait for it to be delivered right to your doorstep within the next day or two.


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